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Posted by rabbi yitzhak from ( on Thursday, August 01, 2002 at 11:39PM :

In Reply to: Re: Let's Roll over Iraq, the Shiites, Kurds, etc posted by pancho from ? ( on Monday, July 29, 2002 at 5:26PM :

Amen, preach it brutha.

: Our leaders, all of them from ZOWAA on down would far prefer to inflate their bubbles than to work to make sure we don´t get inadvertantly squashed yet again. This blindness in out leadership has always plagued us, and will so long as we leave the stage to the same quality of pčople who find their true calling in life whenever there is a chance to put our collective neck on the chopping block.

: We are not Players in this game. We can´t be because these same leaders must keep us obscure and cut off from all growth and else could they hope to ¨lead¨us. What if we were very sophisticated, extremely saavy...wise and deep? You suppose we´d accept these guys? To keep us ¨leadable¨ they wind up keeping us vulnerable and clueless.

: We are going to lose once matter how it plays out in Iraq. Primarily because we are small potatoes...but also because we aren´t even known to exist...out leaders make certain we wont be either...not till we`re killed and they can come get some more benefit off of us...because now we are that best of all things...DEAD know.....MARTYRS.

: For us to really ¨win¨....we have to REALLY lose.

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