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Posted by panch from ? ( on Friday, August 02, 2002 at 5:52PM : guage the honesty or wisdom of any and all of these leaders is to see which of them can stand the most open, public scrutiny. Those who talk about Democracy while acting the part of any Turk in can just write off without a second donation.

Anyone who wishes to keep us a private secret...a fiefdom all to himself or herasself, is up to no good. The Church you can forget about right off the bat...most of them have their loyalties firmly directed at themselves and the poor box. These guys together have the intellect of of a gnat...a big one...but a gnat all the same.

I love the way we pride ourselves in having a priest who actuall got a doctorate in to start a bonfire with only one old woman for kindling?

The rest of our leaders are out of work taxi drivers...truck drivers, with here and there a modest businessman or retired mid-level janitor. You wonder why we are at this dismal place?

The Jews prided themselves in intellectual excellence...they gathered to argue Torah, not chant. They rewarded scholarship and investigation...questioning and Reason.

We like nothing more than being ¨good¨...being well thought of by our neighbors and if we really succeed...we get our own parking space at work and our boss REALLY LOVES US. We pride ourselves in being ordinary, non-controversial...not standing out, or seeking the lime-light. Pets.

Everyone thinks when I write about my experience I am talking about myself...and myself only. We aren´t used to seeing the larger picture in the smaller...of drawing inferences or conclusions...we just wait in the pen...wait for the next time a butcher gets hungry. And our leaders and Church officials actually praise us for waiting calmly...for not soiling the pen...for putting up not a bleat of protest.

Whoever brought us here was no friend of ours...a fiendish enemy more like it.

If we keep wasting our piddling intellectual class...our piddling artists, of which I am a good representative piddle, we will have nothing at all to distinguish us from pigs in a slophouse.

And Jackie and Nimrod and Atour stand ready to keep us there. That´s why they ganged up...not JUST on me...but on anyone who ever again might dare to say, ¨NO¨ this is NOT good enough!!!¨

Stay tuned. The first hearing is September 3rd.

-- panch
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