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Posted by Voices of Wisdom from ( on Saturday, August 03, 2002 at 8:51PM :

In Reply to: Let`s Get Real... posted by panch from ? ( on Saturday, August 03, 2002 at 7:38PM :

Sweet and Short "It's about INSECURITY AND GREED."

Khoba O Khu-yada

: ...I realize it seems like sacrilege...I mean to call the Church a spade...but where do they get off expecting considerate treatment?

: Isn`t this the same "spiritual" entity that for the last 1500 years has preached non-stop hatred towards the Jews, and for what? For not intervening to save a criminal from crucifixion? Whatever you all may think of Jesus, to the Romans he was a common criminal and got what he deserved. Many another fine and decent person was killed by them as well...just as the Church itself took a hand at this killing and burning of people business the first chance it got...people it called criminals. And you all still expect respect be shown to them...why, because we finally de-clawed them?

: Thanks to centuries of villification and brutalization...of blaming all Jews for something they had nothing to do with...this holy roly institution set in motion the steps that have brought the Jews to Palestine..chased out of Europe by screw up relations between Muslim and Jew in Palestine...among the only people who ever gave the Jews a fair shake...and because of this inhuman stupidity we all have to pay the price...all of us Semites...set to killing each other because of this same Euro-Fuckso Church.

: And what of many poor and illiterate women and children are consigned to miserable lives because one of the few pleasures available to them produces unwanted results...which they must nonetheless bear...all the while the priests are butt-fuc-king children cause they donīt get pregnant that way!

: The litany of what the Church urged be done to the Jews would make your stomach churn...up till and including the Holocaust brought on by yet more Christians...while the Pope of the day looked the other way.

: You want respect to be shown to THIS passle of swine? Are you kidding or what?

: What sort of morality can these people have to offer a healthy and sane person? I would no more allow them near a child of mine than I would a viper. I don`t care how many of them are "good". If they really were any good they wouldn`t need to hide in the midst of all the rotten ones. The very insititution is fatally flawed and tainted by a system that makes infants of grown men who must have a "Father" whom they obey in all things, even to what they may lawfully, spiritually, do with their cocks...grown men who must ask permission to fart or to move, or to go here or there. It breeds just the kind of sickness they then shower onto us.

: Pigs in drag.

-- Voices of Wisdom
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