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Posted by Tony Zangon from ( on Saturday, August 03, 2002 at 8:55PM :

In Reply to: Why WOULD The Roman Empire... posted by pancho from ? ( on Saturday, August 03, 2002 at 11:45AM :

I dislike what they stand for.

: ...embrace Christianity...ever ask yourselves that question? Your Church people will tell you it was because they all of a sudden felt humbled and awed by the carpenter they murdered...bullshit. Wanna buy a nice bridge?

: The Romans remained as callous and murderous and rapacious and brutal as ever. In fact they increased the Franchise to the East and went right on merrily any number of "Christian" countries have they all do.

: Christianity was appealing because it sheared the flock in far more effective ways than the Roman army had managed to. If you follow the spread of Christianity you see it travelled the same roads Rome built to accomodate its Imperial fact the religion itself was spread at first by the same soldiers who raped and killed. They just had a "confessor" with them is all.

: The whole thing is such a crock...up to and incluing this bundle of rags theyīre parading around the world in an attempt to get you all thinking of other things besides raped children.

: The Church is an enormous corporation...oldest in the world...with a tax free base and real estate holdings that would dizzy the mind if we could ever know just how much wealth they control. Thatīs it...and thatīs all it is. They could just as easily be a General Motors that gives a percentage of its annual earnings to charity...or a casino that gladly pays out so many "losses" a year.

: The Church just has the best PR going...the ability to take young minds and twist them at an early get them feeling guilty and somehow "wrong" to read even this..this simple, simple truth about institution that used to regularly burn and hang anyone daring to criticise institution that still tries to get away with as much obscurantist crap as it ever insittution we can still barely, even now, hold accountable for the terrible crimes it commits...crimes which form a good part of its attraction to novices...novices at pedeasty and venery, maybe.

: I know plenty of good and decent people...people who share the little they have with others...people who donīt wish to surrender their self-respect and intellect and growth, not to mention the right of their cvhildren to live free from having their minds AND their bottoms fucked by the most self-righteoius bunch of hypocrites the world has known...who had their start in the bowels of one of the most repressive empires the world has known.

: And Iīm supposed to feel "bad" that I call the fuckers what they are...Iīm supposed to think some old fart in heaven is going to visit terrible punishments on me...or refuse to reward me, if I speak the simple truth to a Church that couldnīt even bear to hear the world was round without killing somebody.

: There is no such thing as an "intelligent" approach to Christianity...the whole thing is steeped in superstition, ignorance, misery, cruelty, greed and a magnificent hypocrisy which nonetheless manages to find its apologists STILL...if it gets into their pants early enough.

: Spend an eternity with this kind of a God? No thanks...a few years here on earth are enough...Iīd rather rot. I donīt like people who demand their own children be sacrificed...not my kind of people...Iīll be damned if Iīll have that sort of god.

-- Tony Zangon
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