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Posted by Julia from ( on Monday, August 05, 2002 at 11:41AM :

In Reply to: Of course... posted by Jeff from ( on Monday, August 05, 2002 at 11:31AM :

: I agree with you, but know that I was never defending suicide bombings, or the Israeli aerial bombardments, etc. It just seemed in your original message that you were only mentioning the Palestinian wrongdoing, but you obviously clarified that

: :-)

Yeah i TOTALLY see that the palestinians NEED a state. They absolutely need one. it's in the interest of the palestinians and israelis. I wish the UN plan in the early 1940s (?) was enacted: an israeli state, a palestinian state, and the holy sites (jerusalem, etc) declared international territory. to me that is perfect.

i believe the hallmark of every society is pluralism, or the tolerance of minority groups within majority populations. Israel is pluralist in some respects, believe it or not: they have muslims , christians and non israeli or non jewish groups living within their borders.

i think a palestinian state with all palestinians is a horrible idea. they need to live with otherminorities in their borders. but settlements force pluralism, among other things. they insert people into territory that is predominately palestinian without promise of statehood. settlements are not acts of agression, but symbols of non-eminent statehood if that makes sense.

I believe palestine has potential for pluralism. i believe they will peacefully allow jews to live within their broders, so long as they HAVE borders to call their own, not friggin' refugee camps or territories or authorities.they just need to have a state, get rid of settlements and purge militant groups from their political ranks.

-- Julia
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