Re: Iraq Invites U.S. Congress to Visit Baghdad

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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Monday, August 05, 2002 at 1:33PM :

In Reply to: Iraq Invites U.S. Congress to Visit Baghdad posted by Jeff from ( on Monday, August 05, 2002 at 10:44AM :

It will quiet all our nevers if we just admit that the United States does not want peace in the it never wanted stability in South America or democracy anywhere in the world...where people are dark and were mistakenly given natural resources that were supposed to be given to the white man...or, are being held in storage in various third world countries...till whitey comes to collect them.

The people who rule the United States now are no longer Lawyer types...they are out and out Capitalists of the wrost sort who have managed to chain us to their fortunes...while they make the billions, and condescend to raise the minimum wage. Every four years they release a batch of you to fend for yourselves so they can hire cheaper labor...and you all feel so fortunate to have had some "security" for a while at least.

The United States has been gradually "bought"...and the only way is for us to get it is OUR country...those are OUR mountains and rivers and plains...that is OUR Constitution...none of these became the private property of anyone else...that blessed document is worth infinitely more than the piss ant people trying to modify it so they can steal even more from us.

It will help if you just admit that this is not the America you think of when you say that name...but we can get it back...and we can build on it...just as we were supposed to do. We don`t HAVE to be frightened out of our wits by the sub standard level of leaders they foist on us now. This is the time to make a stand...

-- pancho
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