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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Monday, August 05, 2002 at 1:48PM :

In Reply to: I can't believe it.... posted by Julia from ( on Monday, August 05, 2002 at 9:35AM :

: WHY is it that HAMAS has spokespersons?

*****Because they don`t have helicopter gunships to speak with.

Why do they issue statements to the press like they are some legitimate political interest group?

****They are as legitimate as any other group that has waged war in order to get its ends met. Israelis were once nothing but Terrorist the Irgun and the Haganah.

Why is it a terrorist group makes regular contacts with the media? Do they have some established bureau or something? I don't understand how these freaks not only execute their attacks, but issue statements and comments on their attacks like they are some kind of legitimate political group.

****Why are they freaks...because you don`t like them? You think they wouldn`t prefer to fight it out with the Israelis anywhere and at anytime they could get one tenth of their weapons? How do you know they aren`t brave freedom fighters who have no recourse but to descend to this level...a level the Israelis prefer them at because it gives them the justification they need to steal more land.

****How many innocent babies do you suppose America has killed...none? Do you just prefer it to be murder only? Is it the "suicide" part you don`t like? If a bomb is dropped from the air on babies, it`s okay with you?

: And fred, please don't turn this into a discussion about the Crusades or Jesus and the cross or Caesar Augustus.

****No, I wont. We`ll stick to the point...which is that you have no qualms at all when your armies kill innocent babies in your name and with your tax supported weapons...but you hate it when you think of people willing to go to this much of an extreme to fight back. Makes you tremble for your "security"...and it should.

: I favor a two state solution.

***Who asked you? Your input was needed before all of`s a little late for you to come now asking for your conscience to be salved. This may come as a shock...but who gives a shit what you think?

I favor a peaceful approach to the formation of a Palestinian state.

****Tell it to the Marines.

I favor the complete shut down and withdrawal of settlements. And i most certainly favor complete eradication of Islamic Jihad, Hamas, Hezbollah, and all other violent pseudo Palestinian factions who want and declare a one state solution which means the gradual annhilation of Jews.

****Go back a bit. By what right did Israel ever come into existence in the first place? I may well be willing to make all sorts of reasonable concessions to your sensibilities once I got into your shorts...but you still have every right to ask me what I`m doing there in the first place.

***The creation of Israel was an act of Imperial neo-colonialism...without justification anywhere...especially not in their own history book. It was forced upon the Palestinian people...even though theyLd been willing since the turn of the century to allow Jews to settle there.

It was the fucking Christians...AGAIN...who murdered the Jews for 1500 years who forced the issue by sending "their" problem either to the ovens or to Palestine. The Palestinians and the Muslims in general never did a damn thing to Jews anywhere near to what the Christians did to them...and to solve this Christian made problem...the Europeans have set us all against each other while they play the "reasonable" part...the "honest broker". My ass...and your`s too.

-- pancho
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