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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Monday, August 05, 2002 at 2:01PM :

In Reply to: Re: Believe This posted by Julia from ( on Monday, August 05, 2002 at 11:13AM :

: Objectively, I am against any group that relies on the killing of innocent people to promote a political agenda.

***Then it`s time you moved to the Moon.

Obviously both Israelis and Palestinians do this. But what hamas does is still unexcusable, and they are certainly not freedom fighters when they kill innocent men, women and children who are noncombatants.

****What is a noncombatant? Tell it to the US army that regularly killed 12 year old boys and girls in Vietnem. Were the 160 thousand women and children burned to death in the atom bomb attacks against Japan noncombatants...or can you strike at the relatives of soldiers? What neat distinctions you make when it's your turn to twist in the wind.

: The number of palestinians who died since the 2000 uprising is over 1,4000..and the number of jews is over 500...obviously more palestinians are dying than jews. This is due to the fact that israelis lead massive incursions on Palestinian settlement,s i understand that.

: BUT, the solution is not for "freedom fighters" to kill innocent noncombatants traveling on a bus or partying at a club. the solution is to continue to exhaust political avenues in peace until you reach your goals.

****What the fuck are you talking about? Are you telling me that Israel is content to remain locked into those borders...????Really? Is there any other way to grow Israel than by making it a question of "defense"? The United States went to war quickly enough before "exhausting all avenues" in 1776. You excuse and justify the bloodshed and murder it took to create your pink little world and expect others to play by rules you never would.

: i favor the end of settlements and the purging of Palestinian groups who violently seek a one state solution. we need to work with peaceful noncombatants on both sides to bring about a two state solution. ideally this would mean getting israeli troops and families out of settlemetns, and a crackdown on people who kill innocents in the name of freedom.

***How about those who steal themselves a state by coming at you with a "deed" issued by their own damn god 3000 years ago? There is absolutely no justification for a state of Israel..and there wouldn`t have been one had not Christians tortured and driven these poor people mad. By accepting Israel at all...Palestinians have already done what no modern state would do...ask the Basques for one. But that fact is obscured because Palestinians don`t wish to be driven completely into the sea...and their resistance provokes this "moral indignation" from people who had no right anywhere to break that country up in the first place.

***It was the goddamn European Christians who brough things to this ugly dare you blame the Palestinians for losing patience...when our own government was so quick to lose its wits after ONE ATTACK!!!!

-- pancho
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