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Posted by panch from ? ( on Monday, August 05, 2002 at 6:51PM :

In Reply to: Re: Oh it comes!!! posted by Julia from ( on Monday, August 05, 2002 at 3:07PM :

You have that luxury, sweet cheeks. You think the Palestinians wouldnīt far prefer having their land back to sit under the fruit trees planted by their own ancestors 500 year before, dandling their grandchildren on their knees...rather than be turned out on the road for some pimply kid from Brooklyn who had to have his promised land handed over to him? You think so?

***Or are the people your government du jour tells you are "evil" be hated and hounded into the earth...the same government that didnīt scruple to lie to its own people and send 55,000 of them to their premature deaths so that Coca Cola could get fatter?

***I understand that you have to make a living and it is easier to believe what the man who signs your paycheck tells you...thatīs why Christianity is so goddamn popular with liars and guys can do anything...anything at all...and beg forgiveness at the end...from YOURSELVES!!! Any god worth his salt would have dronwed you all long ago...or walked out on you.

When you pray...youīre just talking to yourselves...naturally you "find forgiveness". Walter got pissed at me when I asked him to excuse himself to the bathroom when he had to pray before meals. We donīt believe in children have been taught to call the police when a hairy man next to them starts murmuring to himself without provocation. We hardly find that sort of thing comforting. He got pissed...canīt imagine why...god is everywhere...even in a toilet.

-- panch
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