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Posted by panch from ? ( on Monday, August 05, 2002 at 7:52PM :

As you have all seen things have quieted down somewhat from the gory days of yesteryear. In time we were all bound to get sick and tired of a certain half-breed Armenian who became Quean Of Assyria on the backs of her spare time and spare change...aand almost on her own back. Not a pretty picture, but we were almost done with her...almost.

Now comes a hearing in Superior Court for the State of California, on September 3rd, to look into the matter of certain anatomical features of this half-breed. Now we get to go all trhough it again...re-live it from the beginning till the end.

This is why no one takes anyone to court for calling her an asshole. No matter what the truth may be...you have to argue the facts...for if you can prove the person is and WAS an asshole...then you were telling the truth, and truth is always your best defense.

So...I actually have to PROVE Jackie is all the things I called her. How do I prove she acted like a woman scorned...if I donīt say WHY I think she acted that way...and in doing that, wont I have to recall incidents and times when I THOUGHT she was coming on to me? Letīs say I was wrong...or deluded, or have a secret wish to believe such an awful thing...still, I believed it to be true at the time...and that is all I have to say.

Jackie is a public person...she certainly tried to be one hard enough...that means the standard for determining whether she has any claim to being defamed and the rest of it, faces a much tougher path than if she were really Miss "Who Me?" People who thrust themselves into the public eye canīt have it both ways...they canīt all of a sudden cry foul when the atention they were courting turns sour. Shawn knows all this too...knew all along he wasnīt going to win a damn thing for Jackie...but a guy has to eat...and the fact that he has to use toilet paper for a napkin canīt be held against him...who are we to say where he should feed from?

Saner people...without benefit of counsel...donīt fight these kinds of fights...and if they are really bright, donīt get into these situations either. But if youīve bought all the class and sense you ever had...then it stands to reason you think you can buy anything else you need.

It had all died down...now it comes back with a vengeance...brought on by Jackie herself...who started this whole silly thing, up to and including suing Jeff for two million dollars...for nothing...for literally nothing.

She lost long ago. Weīre having the Wake at Superior Court...

-- panch
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