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Posted by panch from ? ( on Tuesday, August 06, 2002 at 3:19PM :

>Jesus died himself for everyone’s sins, and its not Jesus’ fault that our nation is torn apart.

***What the hell does that mean...he died for everyones sins? Who asked him to? And who would accept such a blood sacrifice? It is indeed the fault of Christianity that we have been this much torn apart...who started in on us with all the sects and subsects...because they knew that once we had betrayed our Roots...weīd do it again and again whenever someone else offered us a better deal.

Don’t let go of your forefathers faith just because of what has happened to the Assyrians in the past and now.

***What do you mean...donīt let go of our forefatherīs faith? Which forefathers? Isnīt that precisely what we did? Our forefathers were not Christian...they were Assyrian. Didnīt we abandon them for this new religion and jew god? We cut ourselves off from our greatest period in history to run after a jew carpenter not even the Jews wanted...

What Jesus said never hurt us! What other people did to us, and what we did to ourselves hurt our nation.

***The wisest sayings atributed to Jesus, and in the Bible, came from other civilizations far more advanced than a bunch of Jews living in tents. As Abraham came from us...so did all the meaningful teachings come from our own civilization. The idea that you would buy back all this stuff...with US cast as the villians this time...in what amounts to nothing more than a Jewish History book...is a Con job of such gigantic proportions that it shouldnīt be any wonder to you we are where we are. Great nation of TURNCOATS!

Besides there is a mystery to this world, and we have to have faith. Do you read the bible?

****Take you Bible and shove it! Ever read Assyrian tablets? Ever wonder why there are thousands of them still undeciphered gathering dust in vaults in European museums? Do you think if all those tablets were in Hebrew there wouldnīt be fifty museums around the world dedicated to them? Ever read the Dead Sea Scrolls? Ever wonder why it took years, and then only by theft, to get the translations out to the public? Ever wonder where the wisdom in the Bible really came from? Ever think?

***What a knack you have for buying tin plated and shabby "mysteries" while you let the real ones slip right by. "Read the Bible"...sure why not...be a Jew all the way.

-- panch
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