Jawbone Of An Ass

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Posted by panch from ? ( on Tuesday, August 06, 2002 at 3:37PM :

There is something almost Biblical in the surgery our own Jeff "Rude Boy" Atto will be undergoing even as we speak. In order to improve on his prodigous good looks, and for some other minor reasons, Jeff will be having his jaw broken and re-aligned...with a piece of bone taken from what can best be described as "near" his arse.

This will make Jeff a terrific kisser, without a doubt. But it does something else. You take a basically sensible young man like Jeff...funny, sharp, observant, insightful, witty, intelligent...everything Aprim isnŽt...and you add a piece from his arse end to his jaw. Seems almost like one of those Sci Fi movies when a brain is transplanted, or a hand. What will it do to a guy to speak from now on with this addition to his speaking mechanism?

Will it be the same Jeff speaking? Will it be possible to detect a subtle change? If a piece of flesh was transplanted from your gentitals to your tongue...would your family recognize you? Would you be more popular...less? Sometimes I think Lilly must have had...never mind.

Only time will tell. Jeff will be out of action for a few days...then weŽll know. WeŽll know it when he first speaks...for he will be the first man to speak with an Assbone in a Jaw. Very Biblical.

-- panch
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