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Posted by panch from ? ( on Tuesday, August 06, 2002 at 4:03PM :

In Reply to: response posted by truth from ( on Monday, July 22, 2002 at 6:57PM :

: You obviously must have known some Christians, who misused the grace of God.

***What god? Your own...doesnīt mean a thing to half the worldīs population and means nothing at all to me. Your god is a hiding place...thatīs all.

Such "Christians" are not Christians because they do not know the heart of God.

***Neither do you. What happened to humility? Do you know the heart of George Bush that you presume to know Godīs?

The "holy" and "gooey" feeling that they get afterwards is a mere illusion. True repentance is to renounce sin and enter a relationship with God.

***You donīt need to renounce sin at all. Itīs a part of life...whatīs wrong with it? Who has moderated his behavior one jot who wouldnīt have done it anyway? If "god" makes you do it, then it wasnīt in you to begin with...which might explain the popularity of "fake" Christianity and why there is so much more if it than the other kind.

Entering a relationship with God is impossible and unfathomable if God does not exist. But God does exist.

***To you maybe. Keep him, enjoy him, wear him in good health. Just keep him away from me and my children or else.

***Who the hell wants a relationship with a MAN who would insist his own unoffending son be murdered to redeem a bunch of creeps who went right on being creepy as if Jesus had never been murdered? You want a friend like that? You want that sort of god?

Repentance is not a process, and Christianity is not a religion. The purpose of Jesus' death isn't so that we can sin and feel good afterwards. The reason why Jesus died is so that we can come back to our natural image, which is to be in the image of God.

***You speak pure unadulterated talk in circles and do it continuously until you find people as dizzy as yourself, then you all seek a tax break and begin collecting for the "poor".

We have been forgiven for holiness, not for immediate relief. And concerning good works, Christians didn't invent that. Those who think that humanistic works is what Christianity is all about have no idea what Christianity is. Doing good things do not get people anywhere. It is all about knowing Jesus personally.

***Go sell soap door to door. This is donīt know Jesus any better than you know me or yourself. This canting drivel puts a glaze on your eyes which you then interpret as beatitude or holiness. State Institutions are filled with your sort.

It is about living in the truth. How in the world can we have a relationship with Jesus? Jesus talks about the Holy Spirit, and how he will guide us into all truth. Jesus also talks about how he will come into our hearts and make his home within us. To have the Holy Spirit, living in us and controlling us, is to have a personal relationship with God.

***You may want a jew carpenter inside of may even enjoy a priest inside of you...just keep your filthy habits to yourselves.

This is something that this world cannot explain.

***You canīt explain bubble gum either...that doesnīt make it a divine mystery. You couldnīt figure out differential calculus yet you know all about God and what he wants and the Universe...I guess a person has to be ignorant first and foremost to believe this tripe.

Many can argue against the religion of Christianity, but when Christianity claims to be the truth on the evidence of the real existence of the Holy Spirit, the world is left speechless.

***Oh come on...we are left disgusted that adults can be so foolish. "know Jesus"...what are you talking about?

When one personally experiences the Holy Spirit, he himself has proof that God exists and that he is the truth, though perhaps inexpressible. Holy Spirit makes Christianity the truth, or proves that it is the truth, anyway.

***Boy, are you possessed of SOMETHING!

: The reason why you argue in the way that you do is because there is no way that you want to give up your sins, and you don't want to make excuses like fake Christians do.

*****I donīt have the sin of willful stupidity which you seem to revel in. How come being piss ignorant isnīt a "sin" where you come from?

It's good that you don't want to make excuses, but in the light of truth, you are nothing but a sinner who refuses to repent because you love your sins too much. Are your sins worth forfeiting living in the truth?

****Fella, neither you nor I understood a word of that. It is a mantra used for dulling any reason or wit you might have had. It is much harder to develop a mind than it is to shut it down and clog it with the drivel you just spit out...yeah yeah..."I refuse to see the TROOT"

***Truth tells me you are one big fat ignorant liar, who has no personal experience of anything you pretend to...that you are the kind who signs himself "truth" because he is getting ready to spread lies and figured itīs the best way to start.

****You are a passle of disgucting people intellectually. You commit horrendous sins against humanity every moment...yet praise yourselves cause you donīt jerk off...too much. Stick to your own kind...I would never want to be close to any god of yours, in any room you would be in for long...let alone eternity. You and your god arenīt worth spit...Iīll go to hell gladly.

-- panch
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