Wilfred Alkhase is an Asshole!

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Posted by panch from host-148-244-221-65.block.alestra.net.mx ( on Wednesday, August 07, 2002 at 2:11PM :

I canīt believe someone so stupid would be SO stupid! All I could bear to read on his Zinda was this paragraph....

...The attack on Iraq is forthcoming. A week after Saddam Hussein is handed over to the World Court in the Hague and placed in a prison cell next to Milosevic, our leaders will be asked to attend a “Post-Saddam Conference” similar to the “Post-Taliban Conference” held a few months ago. What will our leaders offer the foreign occupiers of our ancestral land in exchange for our human, cultural, and political rights?

:::This is the sort of thing that has marked us down as collaborators and traitors to the Muslim countries weīve inhabited for over 500 years...this willingness to trust in an outsider, a Christian one no less...who is even now attacking the country where ALL our people live. This is what brought us Simele...not bloodlust on the part of the Iraqi army, but this same penchant to believe someone, even the most treacherous and foul British, just because they profess the same religion we do...a religion we adopted after betraying ourselves to begin with...setting the tone for all our future behavior by that one ignoble act of turning our backs not only on our own God, but on our history and Heritage as well. After that...when WOULDNīT be traitors again to anyone who offered us a "benefit".

And do we really think we have the "leaders" anyone wants to seriously discuss anything with? Who...Nimrod...Dadesho, Golani...Bejan? These, more than clowns, are going to meet in a conference with the United States??? For THIS we have to go blurting out things like this...anticipating eagerly an attack against Iraq where so many of our own people are barely hanging on already??? Why? So Wilfred and Francis the Talking Mule Sarguis can have visions and errections in the night about the important role THEY are going to play in a "Post Saddam Era"??? Are you KIDDING ME????

-- panch
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