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Posted by panch from host-148-244-221-65.block.alestra.net.mx ( on Wednesday, August 07, 2002 at 2:32PM :

On the famous one hand, we are told that Assyrians clung fiercely to their Christian religion, even in the face of terrible reprisal and torture and we should be proud of ourselves for that... But we also praise ourselves for having dumped Ashur without a struggle. Why? Why are we true in the one case, and most false in the other? Why is it "good" to have betrayed Ashur...and "bad" if we dared think about betraying Christ...even when our childrenīs lives were suppodedly on the line?

The obvious reason the Church will give you is that we realized the "truth"...that we were overwhelmed by the magnificent message of Jesus...something we pressumably never even approached in our own, "backward" and barbaric religion and culture.

That is such an insult to our very roots, that it goes a long way in explaining why we seem to hate ourselves so. What Jesus had to offer was no big deal. Not even the idea of heaven was something very tangible ....just the coming of a righteous king to rule us here on earth...big deal...we Assyrians already had one, thank you.

The idea that we leapt at the chance to go be Jewish...there were no Christians in Christīs time...is such a slander on our ancestors that Iīm surprised we bear it...which can be understood when you see to what depths this has brought us...this avowal that nothing we had could compare to what a friggin jew carpenter came up with...from the thoughts of his father Yahveh, that barbaric and bloodthirsty tribal god...OY VEH!!!

We were GOOD and RIGHT to reject Ashur...we were also good and right to NOT reject Jesus. How else can you interpret that but that our god Ashur was not as worthy as the kid of Yahweh? And when you stop to think that not even the Jews he came from were overly impressed...what does that say, REALLY SAY, about us? That we had more sense than the Jews of that day? Really...is that how Assyrians displayed their true worth...by adopting a Jew renegade in place of all the granduer weīd built over centuries...centuries when the Jews were tending our sheep for us?

Christianity is a slander on the Assyrian Heritage...thatīs all. It didnīt "save" us at all...as the Church will tell you. And NO, I am NOT a Muslim....and I am NOT a Jew either...I donīt think of Jerusalem when I think "Holy Land". I think of BetNahrain...the land being pounded now for the sake of Jerusalem. I donīt think of a Jew when I think of my "lord"...I donīt care how unorthodox a Jew he was. I do NOT accept the notion that Assyrians had anything to gain from the mish mash of nonsense in that Jewish history book you all SOMEHOW have come to believe is the word of a GOD!!!

May Ashur forgive you all.

-- panch
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