Communists and Terrorists

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Posted by panch from ? ( on Saturday, August 10, 2002 at 7:23PM :

Have to keep reminding you all...we`ve been down this path as a nation before. We`ve been made fearful of some bug-a-boo before...only this time they managed to find ones who would actually attack us...not like the dreaded Commies who couldn`t manage their own funeral.

But the aim is the same. While we all look under our beds and are thankful another airplane didn`t strike the local high school, our elected officials are robbing us blind and changing laws left and right so that more of them can rob us again in a few years, when we`ve forgotten how they did it this time.

If there are people in the world desperate enough to hurl themselves at what has to be the greatest killing machine ever...let`s at least ask why they would do such a in Palestine where they have no hope in hell of winning anything by it except their own death. When humans, people we know from our own experiance, who care as much for family and children, would get to such a state of utter hopelessness and blind desire for revenge...there must be a good reason...and certainly not their "envy" or the "evil" inherent in their religion or in their brown skin.

Be careful, this is about the white man getting control again...because too many of us have come over and taken the words in the Constitution seriously. It is possible to completely change the face of America, legally, democratically and by using America`s own laws and institutions..and that is JUST what whitey figured out! he wont come out and say it...he wont say that America MUST remain white at the top, with a few of us darkies allowed in...but that`s what he is doing. There was no attempt at all made to discover more Timothy McVeighs...that one came as a shock...but they have the excuse they need to treat us all with know it`s true.

There are no Terrorists but what America has trained, has supplied, and has used. They are now "rogue"...they are now uncontrollable...but I doubt even that because how conveniently they maanged to create the atmosphere that would allow the Repubs to seize power and get us all looking the other way. If they weren`t in on it was a marvel of serendipity.

-- panch
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