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Posted by panch from host-148-244-221-72.block.alestra.net.mx ( on Monday, August 12, 2002 at 1:50PM :

thatīs how long I was able to sneak into aina for. I donīt know if it was an oversight or not, but I got a few licks in. Just got banned again.

The part that depresses me is that I turned out to be so on the mark about these intellectuals and activists of ours. They strike such a false note...yet they bang their stupid drums over and over while the rest of us go about our business and leave the field to them. Our goal has to be to make them as ashamed as they havenīt the sense to be right now....hereīs the answer that got away...to yet another Christian who canīt wait for Iraq to be bombed so theyīll give him his Simele...again!...

No Attack on Iraq will help anyone over there...the last one sure as hell didnīt. The Terrorist nonsense this country has launched itself upon, and forced Israel to follow suit...is intended for oil revenue for a few, but mostly to keep the American people distracted...as they were with the last BIG fright we had...that joke called "Communist Invasion". Then too we were kept from demanding health insurance, good schooling, better use of tax revenues...less money on useless weapons...always with the threat of being pointed to as being un-patriotic...or siding with Americaīs enemies.

There are NO Terrorists but what America has created...just as the Vietnamese people were never any threat...and are now trading with us, now that their usefulness has ended as "enemies". You are merely playing the part of the opportunist collaborators many of us have always favored as our best chance to get something...regardless of what it means to those of us stuck back there. Many Americans know this if you donīt...because you want desperately to believe that THIS TIME the British, or Americans, will FINALLY come to the aid of their fellow Christians...when all along theyīve been happy enough to use, betray and kill Christians...and anyone else whose death serves their own policy.

It is your fond wish, thatīs all...and I suppose once again many innocent Assyrians and others will have to die...and yet youīll still have FAITH! Thatīs what you call it.

Muslims in the MidEast have had...and have now even more reason to distruct us and any other Christian. Saddam was as much of an American plant as Pinochet, Batista, Rios Montt and a hundred other petty thugs trained and supplied by us to do our dirty work...and make it appear we played no part...except to weep big tears at the "tragedy".

Go ahead...the present government loves patriots like yourself... just as President Johnson loved it when we all fell for the Gulf of Tonkin incident we now know he fabricated as a way to get us into a war and make more money for a few, at the cost of 55,000 dead Americans...they cry all the way to the bank.

-- panch
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