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Posted by panch from ( on Monday, August 12, 2002 at 2:30PM :

In Reply to: An article which kind of echoes what I'm saying.. posted by Jeff from ( on Sunday, August 11, 2002 at 12:22PM :

I still say the whole Communist Threat thing was bullshit. Just peasants trying to get America or England or France, and their surrogate thugs, off of their backs. It was better than calling them "devils"...more modern. It is VERY important to rob the person you plan to kill or cheat of his or her makes it easier to brutalize them...thatīs what American slavery had over other the ancient world anhyone could find themselves didnīt mean you were an inferior being who could ONLY be a beast of burden...just misfortunes of war...something you could yet escape by another twist of fate. Americans made being Black an inferior, sub-human condition, something there WAS no escape from.

We made people who had the resources we wanted, but who wouldnīt hand them over quite the way we wanted them handed over, into Bush is doing now with all this "evil" talk. We made Communism akin to devil worship, to blood feasts during a howling moon. There was never any threat from Russia...certainly not from any one of the dirt poor latin countries we brutalized and interfered with for there is no threat from Castro...or Grenada fer chrissake!!! Castro canīt even get the US Naval Base at Guantanamo off his island...fierce animal that he is! America is the bully destabilizing the world...not the world filled with poor people risking Americaīs well being!!!

Hell we even had to feed the Communist north Koreans to keep them alive so we could be scared of them...scared enough to build that ridiculous Star Wars Shield that will never work...and doesnīt have to work. It is "working" just fine so long as it gets funded enough each year...we all know their isnīt anyone with the weapons to send our way, even if they wanted to.

This is all supposed to keep us looking the other way while Ashcroft gets appointed, while Bush gets aqway with his own little coup...while regulatory laws and courts are trashed...while the conditions for the NEXT Enrons and WorldComs can be set in place. Hell the Repubs KNOW they canīt stay in there long...but they can make the changes they need so they can safely profit for years after they are gone from they can blame it on the they like to say now that all this happened while Clinton was president.

The people are confused...but not stupid. Bush is dangerous only if we let him be. He got away with it the first time...he had a major stroke of good fortune when all the money we invested in "rogues" finally paid off...and his oil buddies have been reaping big rewards from Iraqīs misery...and may yet for some time...but maybe enough of us will begin to see straight sooner and dump his sorry ass the next time around.

Bush is the best sense of the word.

-- panch
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