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Posted by Jeff from ( on Tuesday, August 13, 2002 at 0:59AM :

So, let me tell you all about the greatest concert, EVER that I just went to.

This was actually my "first day out" since the surgery last week. I've been stuck at home because the doctor's orders were not to drive, lift, or really do much of anything but rest.

So, I called up the doc today and asked if I could go. They said that as long as I wasn't driving myself, and as long as it wasn't a big bad crazy mosh pit or anything, that I'd be fine.

So, with that my brother and I were off to Ann Arbor to see Keb' Mo' (aka Kevin Moore) at The Ark. I've never been to this venue, and I have to say that it is one of the most intimate venues that I've ever visited.

So, we arrive just 10 minutes before 8:00 (the show starting time) and Keb Mo had no opener. He was with Clayton Gibb, but he did around half of the songs solo.

The crowd at the Ark was, on the whole, MUCH older than my brother and I. I could say that out of the hundreds of people there, there may have been 20 or 25 that were in their 20's. For some reason, Keb attracts the older crowd.

Anyway, so the great thing about seeing Keb' Mo' live is the fact that he not only has amazing talent, but can improvise and play with the crowd. He did this throughout the entire show.

The highlight of the show, for me, was when in between songs I screamed out "Victims of Comfort!" (which is the name of his amazing song that I wanted to hear). Editorial Note: It's hard enough to speak loudly after having this jaw surgery. I find that I am repeating myself to others much more now because I can't open my mouth all the way yet... so I don't quite know how I managed to scream 'Victims of Comfort' loudly enough so that he could hear me. So, he said "What?? Victims of .." and the crowd told him... and he played it.

A few songs later, my brother tried the same, but he wanted to hear "Am I wrong?"...another great song. I guess our voices sound alike, because Keb Stood up, looked out into the audience and said "Who said that?? Stand up!"

So, my brother got up and Keb stared at him and asked him "Are you the same person that requested Victims of Comfort?"

My brother replied "No, that was my brother" Keb started making fun of us... he said something like "Only one request per family"... and then later after another song he said "I'll take requests now... except from THOSE TWO" and he pointed at us.

All in all, he played for 2 full hours, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Afterwards we stuck around and noticed that around 20-25 people did the same. He emerged and they asked us to get in line for autographs. My brother and I, being the slick people that we is, decided to go to the end of the line so we could speak to him the longest.
I ended up showing him all of the ticket stubs from the other concerts that I've been to (of his), and I thanked him for playing my request. Then, we got a picture and he signed my ticket...and my brother and I just spoke with him for a few minutes.

A great time was had by all....

-- Jeff
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