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Posted by Jeff from ( on Tuesday, August 13, 2002 at 10:41PM :

I was just watching a special on the Pentagon on TLC. Apparently until the 80s it was completely open to the public. People would come in, walk around aimlessly... there was very little security.

The interior is very plain... built efficiently because back in the 50s (or was it the 40s?) when it was built, congress didn't waste so much money.

During Vietnam protestors stormed the compound because to them it represented the military industrial complex. They even succeeded in blowing up one of the bathrooms, but there were no injuries.

After WWII the pentagon was supposed to be turned into the world's largest "storage" facility for records. It was expected that America, just as it had done after other wars, would "de-industrialize"... only it stayed opened.'s so interesting how the country has changed in so little time. From the government being somewhat efficient and open, to secrecy, spending, and the worst military industrial complex... oy vay indeed.

-- Jeff
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