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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Tuesday, August 20, 2002 at 11:35AM :

When someone tries to excite me and get me all hot and bothered over what an "enemy" does...tries to get me all inflamed and rooting for them and hating whoever they point me in the direction of...I respond by trying to find the common thread in all of us...the good and nasty things we ALL do...that keeps any one of us from feeling superior to anyone else. That way I don't get enlisted in more of the kinds of actions my "leaders" are decrying on the other side, while urging me on to feel righteous when I do as they wish and retaliate with just as much brutality as they pretend our side is free of.

Dogs and puppies and cute kittens are gassed to death by the millions in America every day. If we saw those films on the News we'd be better prepared for the sight of three guys in dresses and sandals running from a room before ONE puppy is killed.

Americans love dogs, they love them more than children. Any number of children in Iraq have died from being exposed to American poison, to depeleted uranium casings and what one shows those films on the news...but a dead puppy has this country up in arms...ready to kill more people for killing puppies.

Of course between the lines we are supposed to see these killers coming to gas us. If they do, they are only following our own example for we have exposed countless of our own citizens to poisons...we do it well as supplying the gas and getting Saddam to test it for us on his own people.

To sit back and watch Americans come unglued over one gassed dog, is to watch people dangerously dissociated from whatever sense and humanity they may have had. This is embarrassing.

Republicans are bad for your health.

-- pancho
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