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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Tuesday, August 20, 2002 at 11:27PM :

In the paper today was a story about a man who grabbed a woman's two year old and tried to hurl the kid from the train platform onto the pavement far below. The only thing that saved the kid was her mother hanging onto her arm for dear life. Later the mother said she was afraid they were going to rip the child in two between them...very Biblical.

The crowd finally took courage and attacked the man, pulled the child to safety from where she'd been dangling over the edge...and proceeded to stomp the crap out of the man...who apparently didn't know either mother or child. By the time police arrived they had to use pepper spray to get the good citizens off of the man.

I don't know about you...but this is funny in the sick way lots of things in this country are...this country with its "enviable" lifestyle the whole world wants to blow us up for if they can't have it. I know...you are going to remind me of the shopping malls and how you can almost get a steady job, that lasts three years, and how you are "free" in America.

When Reagan figured out that "welfare bums" and "hospital cheats" were the way into the governor's mansion in California...and the Repubs made a moral crusade out of throwing every poor slob out of state hospitals and onto the streets...when other politicians figured a good way into office was to scare us about "rampant crime" and "easy judges" and "country club" jails...so they all cracked down and declared war on Americans who smoke pot and got themselves elected for promising to throw these guys onto the streets, thereby saving us a few bucks, while setting us up for years to come...making us pay for dirty streets and unsafe streets and smelly streets and assaults by whackos and nuts who would have been far better off, and us too, if we'd have kept them in better facilities...turning them loose on us and breaking the bank anyway to give handouts to the real welfare bums, their pals and buddies at the Enrons and WorldComs...that was the time to have avoided the scene on the train platform.

Americans have somehow gotten it into their heads that there is no connection whatsoever between policies and what happens in our society...that you can screw over people, cheat them and treat them like animals without ever suffering any consequences for it as a society. The schools are ruined now for good. There is no way to fix them because they are a part of our established way of living...just as we have a growing inmate population, eagerly tended by what is becomming one of the new strong unions...the prison guards union... that will spawn children who will graduate into prisons and onto streets and one day confront you as you wonder how else you can protect that sweet babe you have chained to the front door so it can be "safe".

It is madness...sheer madness. And you can see how hard it's getting for normal people to keep their sanity. people are having to make themselves increasingly goofier just to get through the day. It serves the interests of a few people to make Americans stupid and ignorant and infantile...but it hurts us all in the end. The ones who really benefit have their castles elsewhere.

I don't know...just to keep sane I have to see the humor in a man suddenly snatching a baby from a woman's arms and trying to throw a forward pass with it off a train platform. Where else but in a "free" country could you do such a thing?

-- pancho
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