Bush Unravels...aina cries foul

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Posted by panch from ? ( on Wednesday, August 21, 2002 at 12:04PM :

On the news last night a press conference with a couple of polticians and others opposed to the war on Iraq being threatened daily...they say this thing has to be stopped NOW and others will join the bandwagon. Sighs of disgust at aina...where every good Assyrian with a new and improved name was certain sure that THIS time the West would give them what their mommies told them they deserve.

This war nonsense and terrorist bullshit is like the Settlers in Palestine...Israelis and Repubs are PRAYING that someone will attack them so they can haul off and steal land and our tax dollars to "protect" us.

It's the old mafia "protection racket" all over again...you know, three hoods in ill fitting suits and wingtips come to your store and say they can provide protection for a certain amount of your earnings..."taxes" they call them. When you say, "protect me from what?"...they hurl an Arab through your front window that night...and tell you, "from Arabs throwing themselves through your windows".

Being a patriot...you pay up.

No more Arabs come flying through your windows...until the next time the Republican Mafia needs a boost. Mamma Mia!

-- panch
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