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Posted by Pancho...the original! from ? ( on Saturday, August 24, 2002 at 10:35AM :

In Reply to: Re: for pancho posted by Jeff from LTU-207-73-65-124.LTU.EDU ( on Friday, August 23, 2002 at 4:13PM :

What the guy didn't mention was that the Vietnam War came about as a result of a lie President Johnson told the American people and Congress. There was no attack on a US battleship by a Vietcong gunboat...they aren't insane! He made the damn thing up so he could his Gulf of Tonkin Resolution passed as a way of getting the country into war. If anything is un-American and treasonous too, it should be that one lie...that caused so much human misery...but made a lot of rich people even richer.

The Vietnam War wasn't just a "mistake" was a FRAUD! Something they knew had no basis...they knew they couldn't win...they addmitted it later...and something they didn't WANT to win. "Winning" in that in this War on Terrorism just in fighting the getting Laws changed, money siphoned off from non productive programs, such as schools and health care, into the pockets of friends and cronies who are going to team up to "save" America...after investing so much in creating the "danger" in the first place.

had to laugh...on the news it says Bush sanctions North Korea. This is the same "dangerous" country whose people were starving to death two years ago...until we sent them food to keep them alive...we had to do it so we could have them around to scare the American people with. How awful it will be when there ARE no enemies, even silly ones like Korea or Iraq or Grenada or Cuba, fer heavins sake!

How dearly Bush and Co. would love it if someone out there would shoot a missle at us...hell, they'd kiss the person...cause here comes STAR WARS!!!

Aw, come on people...YES...they WOULD do this!!!

-- Pancho...the original!
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