disturbing news - part II - from beth Suryoyo

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Posted by Ashuroyo from qn-212-58-169-135.quicknet.nl ( on Saturday, August 24, 2002 at 6:17PM :


The following disturbing news came to our ears and we hope that it's not true:

Past week H.H. Mor Ighnatius Zakka Iwas I, patriarch of the Syriac Orthodox Church of Antioch and three of his bishops ( Bishop J.J. Cicek - Holland, Bishop Augin Kaplan - western USA, Bishop Y. Cetin - Istanbul) had a secret meeting regarding the Money Scandal of Bishop Augin Kaplan.

The total amount of the money seems to be THREE million U.S. dollars and it was NOT lost in the stockmarket but in a fake investment in a NIGERIAN oilcompany. The two bishops ( Bishop J.J. Cicek - Holland & Bishop Augin Kaplan - Western USA) decided to join this group of Nigerian investors and to become share holders of the oilcompany.

For this they needed three million U.S. dollars. They would get twenty six million dollars in return if they would join... according to the Nigerian bussiness men.

Once Bishop Augin ( Eugine) Kaplan transferred the money ( which belongs to the Syriac Orthodox people and believers who trusted their money in the hands of the two Holy men), the Nigerian businessmen disappeared with the money.

This is what came to our ears the past days.... let us pray that this all is not true: Bshem Abo w Abro w Rouh'o Qadisho... etc.

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