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Posted by pancho from ? ( on Sunday, August 25, 2002 at 9:51AM : a cousin of mine. He is an immigration lawyer in Chicago. I turned to him for help when John Nimrod needed suing. he said he would love to help but had no intention of getting involved himself. Robert is another one of our young and upcoming new style leaders who plan on replacing the Nimrods and Lewies and Bejans. We have lots of these guys grooming themselves and positioning themselves to add "leader of Assyria" to their resumes.

I had a run in with him over some sculpture he purchased. I sent him one...and refuse to send him the other...even though he "paid" some time back. Now ordinarily an artist would be very very careful not to ruffle the feathers of his buyers. This is different.

I've said it often enough that if I were out for money I sure as shit wouldn't have come to the Assyrian community to get any. What I am interested in is changing our mindset towards the Arts in general, and the artist specifially. It's like teaching cannibals how to use a fork. I don't expect them to stop eating each other, just do it with some refinement.

We wont know what to do with the Arts, hell we wont even recognize them if we don't first start seeing the artist, his uses and how NOT to abuse him or her. As dyed in the wool peasants we see the artist as a glorified craftsman...someone we hire and can not only fire, but tell what to do..."after all, I am PAYING you". We have that right, certainly...but that we see that as the prefered way to behave tells us why we have no culture and only produce glorified mediocrtiy...which we then fight like hell to keep hidden from the world...and for good reason.

Anyway, this cousin is now set to sue me as well...and thereby hangs a tale. I am far more interested in blowing a hole in this "culture" of ours, especially as it seem only money and German cars upholds it, than I am about making cousins and customers happy.

I'll be going over the case from the beginning soon.

-- pancho
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