Evil Afros

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Posted by panch from pool0238.cvx20-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Tuesday, August 27, 2002 at 10:17AM :

I suppose Africans came to this country years ago with the intention of one day getting welfare and committing crimes and living in ghettos? I'm surprised we don't declare war on "evil Afros". But we have. Hell we've even declared war on our fellow Americans...there are more Americans in prison or on probation and parolle than ever before, and the number will only grow, It's the Puritan hangover.

To Americans there is no connection at all between what they do as a nation and the results. They see no relationship between years of brutal treatment given to Blacks and the results. To Americans everyone is a free agent. Women are free to leave an abusive relationship, they don't HAVE to strike back...the poor are free to lift themselves up, they don't HAVE to live on the streets. During the Great Depression there was a feeling among workers that they had somehow failed...that they weren't broke because of any policy or lack of thought on the part of their government...we take it out on ourselves when our politicians and bankers fail us...abuse our trust, rob the Treasury. We think it's a cop out to "blame" anyone...unless of course when the banks and politicians suffer...THEY know enough to blame US!

-- panch
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