The Tyrants We Love

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Posted by panch from ( on Wednesday, August 28, 2002 at 8:20AM :

The United States has a dismal record of using, aiding and abetting, installing, removing and just plain supporting and benefitting from some of the most unsavory dictators in the world when it suits us...then turn on them in mock horror when they no longer serve our purpose. We did that with any number of thugs in Latin America where more people were killed and disappeared than ever in any MidEast conflict.

The peasants in those countries were called communists and any dissent was proof of the world wide march of we could do as we pleased with the people...and take their resources because otherwise they would just be used to fuel world wide godless communism against our freedom loving selves. It was a con job of such grand proportions that it blocks the sun...we still don't see it for what it was...for the harm it caused our civil liberties and the odious stench it added to our image in the world.

We are at it again...this time with terroists and Islamic extremists. Once again we've demoniszed an entire people, religion and region...once again we've installed brutal thugs who do what pleases us...all the while we have set aside the "facts" we'll need when the day comes to terminate them. Saddam, the Saudi Royal family, the Shah, Musharraf...all of them serve and served at our pleasure.

Saddam is the looniest bogey man of them all...a guy so "dangerous" he sits there waiting for whatever the United States decides to do next...a man so "vicious" he would attack the world with chemical weapons, a man so eager to do so that he has already sent chemical weapons round the world and killed millions. How silly can you get? This is what comes of doing your homework when you're told to.

We like nothing better than tyrants who know how to cut through red tape and get our businessmen what they want, when they want it ,and the way they want it...take a cut of course. When Noriega outlived his usefulness, he was discovered to be a thug and the United States flew into a soverign state and seized its president. Noriega was about to sing about George the Firs'ts tenure as head of the CIA, before Iran Contra...when the CIA made its cash for nefarious plots through drug traffic...a time when it needed Noriega...and then needed him no more.

We support the Saudis for the same reasons...they make it possible for us get our oil...and as the profits expand and mushroom...our oilmen still decry the costs and the troubles they have becomming zillionaires. It is a wicked game we play with people's lives and the welfare of their countries and homes. It isn't the United States of America that is hated around the developing is the business class that has seized power...the Oligarchs, and they have been hated at all times, in all places because they grind people up to squeeze money out of them. They are the same CEO's who just got caught stealing from their shareholders, from pensioners and widows and think these sons of bitches would mind too much when 3000 of us get killed in one day? You have any idea how much misery they have wreaked among their "own" people.

Has the bombing of the WTC been bad for business? Has it REALLY? They came into power years ago and re-wrote the laws so there could BE an Enron and the rest of them...made it harder for people to sue them...they knew what was coming. The next step can't be attained unless more laws are changed...unless the atmosphere is created for the next great Cooking Of The Books...and to do that they have to not only seize power, but get the rest of us looking the other way...looking out for "terrorists" and keeep us bubbling and churning about imminant attacks and chemical warfare (it used be atomic war)...keep us so fearful and distracted we'll actually THANK them for screwing us!!!

-- panch
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