On Loyalty

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Posted by panch from pool0025.cvx24-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Wednesday, August 28, 2002 at 10:01AM :

Jackie's club has apparently voted to go along with her...to be sued. She never consulted them when she did this stupid thing...told them they didn't need to know. All I asked of them was a letter stating those simple facts. But they aren't about to break ranks with the woman who has "done so much" for them.

She showed no loyalty to them when she acted in their name, without consulting them...ignoring the letter from my lawyer warning that she was opening them all up to a lawsuit. They now contend that their own rules don't state that their officers must tell the membership of such an eventuality...I find that hard to believe.

Out of a misguided sense of being loyal to Jackie, the members are being disloyal to their own organization...to all the people who worked over the years to build that place. They are being loyal to someone...to a single person, who showed scant loyalty to them and their club.

Jackie knows that if her members distance themselves from her rash decision to bar me from the convention...a decision based soley on her personal pique and on no "policy" reason whatsoever...it will prove my claim that she was negligent in her duties as their president. To protect her, they are putting their club at risk. Don't we always do that...don't we risk our heritage, it's potential for growth and unity by following this cult figure or that one?

I am being blamed for all of this because that's also the way we operate...it is okay for someone, even an Assyrian, and maybe ESPECIALLY an Assyrian, to screw over another Assyrian. We expect it, aren't surprised at it. But what is NOT forgiveable or understandable is that any Assyrian would stand up for him or herself. And as there are no Muslims around to persecute us...and only other Assyrians to fill that role...it means standing up to another Assyrian to protect your rights. That makes us uncomfortable...we don't ask why an Assyrian attacked an Assyrian...we are used to being aqttacked. But we wonder at the "loyalty" of the Assyrian who fights back...we are dismayed that he reacts against a fellow Assyrian. We never ONCE ask the question, "why did that Assyrian do that to another Assyrian?" We only ask, "How can that Assyrian defend himself...and against another Assyrian too"!!!

It seems that only by going to court will these people tell the truth...maybe.

-- panch
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