Hanna And His Damn Dam

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Posted by panch from pool0682.cvx24-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Wednesday, August 28, 2002 at 7:18PM :

>It is very essential that the Assyrian Federation leadership holds a press conference at the end of the Assyrian convention this week, addressing the American public, the US officials, the UN officials, and world leaders, and declare the Assyrian official stand concerning the building of the Makhul dam in northern Mesopotamia that will inundate the Holy city of Ashur the first capital of the Assyrian nation, along with 100 other Assyrian archeological sites.

++++It is far more critical that they do no such thing. They can only embarrass us more and give all the evidence anyone would need to assume that our "loss" to the world would be no great disaster. Assyrians HAVE no official stand...their official posture is to run.

++++You guys have remained silent, or cheered from the sidelines when the Art and artifacts and more importantly, the people of Iraq, Assyrians among them, were being persecuted and bombed and starved. It is highly suspicious, and hypocritical to boot that you would all of a sudden wax poetic over the loss of a "holy" site. Weren't you the one "proving" that Assyria wasn't in Iraq anyway...that it was closer to your own backyard? Whence all this concern and "love" all of a sudden?

>Our culture is being erased from the face of the earth;

+++Nowhere is that more true than here in America,..here where we help pay for the biggest damn "Eraser" the world has ever seen, while not doing a damn thing to preserve our "art" and culture. Why so upset...King Sargon Block will always be there. Here in America we are not only ommitting to do anything...but are actively encouraging this country to bomb our homeland...I wonder if an American bomb dropped on the holy city of Ashur ...if you'd complain at all...or even mention it.

++++No...I don't want any part of us destroyed...I just don't think hypocrisy in anyone is helpful to our cause.

it is about time to take a strong stand. And if the leaders of the Assyrian Federation are not able to take such national stand when Assyrian culture is being threatened, then they should resign.

++++They should committ suicide...they should move to Ireland and change their names...they should volunteer for animal experiments...they should do anything but NOT take a strong stand...they wouldn't know where to find one, and would probably want a discounted "strong stand" at that.

++++What does the Federation have to do with Assyrian Heritage anyway?.

>Assyrian archeological artifacts the heritage belongs to all humanity after all it evolved in the cradle of civilization of the whole world, if the UN will sit idle and allow the Assyrian culture to be wiped out from the face of the earth, who’s culture will be next?

+++They didn't sit idly by...who do you think authorized the first war against Iraq...who do you think set about making new archaeological ruins in Iraq? haven't you heard of the ruined Post Office in Baghdad...the ruined hospitals and schools...the ruined water treatment plants and power plants...how much more do you want America and the UN to do to ensure a goodly supply of ruins in Iraq? Some people are never satisfied.

Think about it! If today it is Assyrian, tomorrow it could be Italian, Turkish, British, Arab, Chinese, ... etc. No nation will be immuned.

+++Calm down. This is hardly the first thing "ruined" in Iraq. It's just the first thing ruined by a Muslim. You guys don't mind at all when non-Muslims ruin trhe country.

-- panch
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