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Posted by panch from ( on Wednesday, August 28, 2002 at 8:57PM :

I am trying to defend my Holy city of Ashur by not wanting a dam be built around it to flood it.

+++How about protecting your holy COUNTRY of Ashur by not supporting the Western Christian Jihad against Iraq?

++++You don't fool anyone...if Saddam was doing to his own people and nation what the United States is doing,,,you'd be up in arms...if the United States bombed and destroyed the city, YOU wouldn't say a damn thing about it.

You on the other hand don't seem to mind if Saddam builds that dam and destroy the Holy city of Ashur!

++++I mind more that the United States would actually admit that dead Iraqi children are "acceptable"...I mind much more that the water supply for hundreds of thousands of families, many of them Assyrian, would be targeted by the Christian West...I am more horrified at the idea that you care less for "Assyria" than Saddam does.

That shows how much you care aout Assyrian culture.

++++I don't show my love of Assyrian culture by "minding" and "demanding" and pissing and moaning. I show it by studying for years,,,by going around peddling my own raising over a half million dollars through sales of my own sculpture over a twenty year period...and using most of it to support the creation of two completed Assyrian monuments and a wasted $90,000 on another.

+++I don't cry.


+++Out to Lunch

-- panch
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