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Posted by panch from ( on Wednesday, August 28, 2002 at 9:22PM :

Pancho, here is an idea for you; you don't seem to mind that Iraqi Arabs call Assyrian and their heritage as Arab,

+++You don't seem to mind that in America we are rapidly becomming Americanized to the point that there will be NO Assyrian history for our children in will become only "American" history.

+++If Assyrians of Iraq showed themselves to be true patriots to their country...Iraq...I am certain there would be no animosity towards us and our history. Assyrian history IS a part of Iraqi history...just as Native American history is a part of modern American history. Nothing wrong with that.

+++For the final time...Arabs live in Arabia, not Egypt or Iraq...Iraqis live in Iraq. There are Irish people in America, they aren't Irish, they are American.

++++The history of Modern Iraq encompasses ancient Assyrian Roman history is a part of the history of Great Britain.

++++The Iraqis accepted us into the country when other Muslims chased us out of Iran...common decency and some common sense should have told us not to take the side of the British back then...this was bound to be remembered with resentment...and it was. Some day...if you all grow up, you may learn to take some responsibility for your wont expect your mommies to believe that the other boys did it ALL...that you did "nothing".

so why don't you call your statue of Shumirum as the Arabian Queen Shamirum (exactly like she is called in Iraqi text books).

++++Iraq can call an apple an doesn't change the truth. If you people had bothered to work at developing something of your own, you would have given the lie to Saddam's propaganda...but that isn't what you have no desire to heal your wounds, to become whole and move have no program for building anything or doing anything...if you cared about Shumirum you could have written a letter to the city of Chicago insisting that they install the statue of the queen for all to see and read her history and our own on the base. But that isn't what you guys are aren't for building or just sit around and wait to wail and cry whenever a Muslim hurts you...your only agenda and goal is to discredit remind the world of everything they did reaching back a 1000 years, while you discount the far greater crimes and massacres by the Christian West in that same time.. You don't want anyone to know the truth, or even know about Shumirum, or see it, or learn about her either...neither does Peter the Rabid and any number of our "patriot national questions".

+++You guys exist to spread hatred towards Muslims...and we know you aren't paid agents because you are so damn inept at it no one would hire you for such a job.

By doing this you won't have to care if Chicago Assyrians want her or not, because then you can sell her to the large Arab community who have their own Arab Village in Michigan, Try this then tell us if the Arabs give a damn about your statue or not.

+++I've been told not to attend the AANF convention in Detroit...last year in San Jose and the year before in Chicago my sculptures were abused and I was told to get San Jose the Muslims have invited me to speak to them about making monuments to display their culture in tell me why.

+++No one who is at all educated in the world believes that Assyrians were Arabs...and neither does Saddam believe it. It's just his way of tweaking your silly selves.

++++You show you care for something by what you DO...not what you say. You have done nothing about Assyrian culture, and for all your wailings, you like it just fine that Saddam is doing all the things you say he is doing...truth be told you guys wish he would go out and personally rape several Assyrian six year olds...come on, admit do!

+++You aren't about anything except Muslim bashing and white man's arse kissing. I don't blame Saddam at all for despising you...I only wish you guys wouldn't screw the deal for the rest of us...especially those who are living in Iraq now.

+++Screw you and screw your new found "concern" over Assyrian Art and antiquities.

-- panch
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