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Posted by panch from ( on Friday, August 30, 2002 at 2:59AM :


You are the greatest hypocrite that ever was.

++++Assyrians were great people.

On one hand you praise Saddam and want to protect him from any harm
on the other hand you are blaming us for not confronting his half a million military power.

+++I don't praise him at all...I tell what I know of the improvements in Iraq in his early years. You guys are funny...if things are bad in yell...if things get too good in yell because there could be stability and you would lose "your country". Your only hope is if the situation gets worse and worse, and Saddam goes and then... maybe, they will give the country to YOU.

Despite all the cruelty, all the massacres, all the looting, all the hardship that Assryians have experienced at the hand of the Islamic fanatics neither I nor other Assyrians hate moslems.'ll say anything when cornered.

++++Assyrians are suffering all of these things in the last 14 years thanks to the Christian West...not Saddam. More people, far more, were killed in Latin America, also by Christians, than ever were in Iraq...and thanks to the same super dooper power.

+++If you were interested in the suffering of Assyrians you guys would have ONCE criticised American several non-Assyrians around the world have.

Most Moslems are pretty wonderful people excluding you and other Islamic fanatics and facists. Although Saddam has used Islam to his advantage whenever possible what he has done has been for his own ambition and to encourage Arab facism.

+++I'd say Bush is doing far more to promote American Fascism. Saddam is a dog...but he is America's dog...he was our ally...just as we trained and supplied Osama. If these dummies could figure out that they're being set up, to be used and dumped later...but then they would never select them to support...just like us Assyrian dummies who keep hoping Uncle Sam will give us something...except the boot.

What we ask for is that our people should not be killed, looted, tortured, made homless, driven out of their homes, Arabized, Kurdified, Turkified, Islamized, forbidened from practicing their religon, frobiden from learing and teaching their language, discrimnated against socially and economically, improvished, dispossesed of their property and dignity.

++++++It's what all people want, and deserve. It is exactly what the Iraqis wish for today...only it is America doing it to them, not Saddam. They are caught between two bloody forces...and as far as being don't complain about being Americanized. You yet have to do a single thing in this country to show any pride...except talk.

YOu and your hero Saddam and other facists seem to think that this is too much to ask for.

+++No, it is only fair...but you will never get it so long as you make Simele's and keep silent while the Christians beat up on the Muslims...helping to pay for the bullets and bombs and taking every opportunity you can to bash the very people who, as you say, are in power over us there.

+++You shed tears over a nun who was many Iraqi children, Assyrians among them, have lived miserable lives and died terrible and lonely deaths...without a WORD from you. Big deal...there are plenty more nuns where she came does that sound? How do you think it sounds when you cheer on the destruction of other Human Beings you don't happen to like?

+++Tell me...if your child was kidnapped by vicious thugs...would you really want me to go on the air and insult the thugs who have her? Would you want me to call them names...tell the world they are rapists and should be shot? Or would that be the time to be concilliatory? If our situation is as terrible and as dire as you say it really think siding with the countries that are killing ALL the people back there...Christians and Muslims and Assyrians will make things better? Do you?

This is my last answer on this topic because you are not a fair person that can be reasoned with. As I said you are a supper hypocrite!

++++I ate already, thank you. You are a petulant child...if you can't have it your way, and easily too...if you are going to be contradicted at every'll just hold your breath till you turn blue...take your balls and go play somewhere else.

+++This is the kind of Assyrian patriot we have...if you wont agree with him, and if you wont stop arguing with him...he will just go inside and pout. That isn't what the Kurds isn't what the Israelis did, it isn't what the ancient Assyrians ever did...they never ran from words...and they knew if you wanted something fought for worked for DID something for it. You are passive sheep...bleating about the hard life you've had...when you haven't suffered much of anything...when others, who are willing to put their lives and heads on the away with all the prizes, leaving you gnashing your teeth and streaming tears of frustration.

+++You don't HAVE to hate Muslims...the utter uselessness of your "love" for Assyrians will help put an end to us much in the West. The West...that paradise for you Christians...and the irony of it. This same "paradise" is busy destroying Betnahrain...first by supporting a Saddam and leaving him there...then by going to war to "remove" him...and who suffers either way? You sure as hell don't. And in this Christian paradise...we are being assimilated...with our young people turning away in embarassment and boredom, or aping Mexicans and Blacks because we give them NOTHING a Christian country where you would thinbk you Assyrian patriots and activists could FINALLY and SAFELY promote your dear, dear, dear, know...where in Iraq they don't allow you all to learn or speak your you all come to America and immediately open hundreds and thousands of Assyrian schools...with Assyrian cultural centers, and you work and work to fund them and expand them and advertise them...and you stop at nothing to preserve the Heritage and let the WHOLE world know how proud you are and how great you are and on and on...don't you?

+++In all these years NOT ONE Assyrian school...not ONE cultural center...NOT ONE day care center...NOT ONE dance company...NOT ONE anything...only tons of tears and brave sounding words.

++++Now...aren't I being a "bad" Assyrian? How dare I say unkind things about you Assyrians...even if it is TRUE! Shouldn't I just go along with the Lie...shouldn't I say we are "great"...that we are doing "wonderful things"...and shouldn't I hang my head in sorrow and say, "Damn Muslims, they even block us here in America...wont let us build schools or anything...wont let us install a monument...damn damn damn..."pass the kleenex".

You make you sick.

-- panch
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