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Posted by panch from ( on Friday, August 30, 2002 at 8:21PM :

>Ok Pancho, you are saying that our leaders are taking us backwards right? ok maybe alot of "leaders" out there all want to be the chief not the fighter...and are currupt and do represent our nation in a very very bad way. Then their are leaders who have build schools in north iraq, who have build villages, put electricity in villages and Assyrian area's, and put Assyrianism in the hearts of the young ones and also hope.

+++After an earthquake, if you re-build on the same ground, you may think you have given "hope"...but what you've done is set people up again...cause you another quake is coming. It is worse than cruel and very irresponsible to give false hope and failed security to people...especially young people.

+++All of the building and doing and re-building in North Iraq can be undone in ten minutes...then what...start all over again..."Please give us some money to replace the roofs on the houses in that village that we already replaced three times". We've been here the crap kicked out of us before...and each time we do the same thing...first we pray to Yahweh and thank him for his special care...then we start begging among each other to raise a few dollars...always remaining poor, vulnerable and worst of all...a secret. When no one knows you even exist, knows nothing about who you are and what you have suffered and what you endure is that much easier to take you out in an alley and beat the crap out of you and dump you in a shallow grave...who knows...who knows, who cares...who knows to care?

+++It's time we did something a little's time we took advantage of not just bricks and cement and lumber to re-build our shattered lives with...but took advantage of the media, of public relations...of the institutions and laws and foundations and corporations in this country that everyone else is using.

+++But that is what theswe leaders fear most...because if we do it right, we will not need them...we will need far more qualified people to administer the funds and programs...not the owner of a video porn store or a short matter how much "heart" he has. When you want a good surgeon for your child you don't want one whose only qualification is that he always WANTED to be a brain surgeon...but alas, didn't have the time to learn it cause his boss kept him at the garage too late...but he WILL operate on your kids tumor.

+++The one thing we need above all else...these leaders don't WANT to give us because it cuts them out of the picture. They far prefer to collect a few thousand dollars and hand deliver it to a starving village in Iraq...because they get all that gratitude...and it is about as much as they can handle. They far prefer that, even though it falls far short of what is needed...far short of what is available, because there won'y be any role for them if we get big bucks...for one thing because no foundation is going to let a Golani or Nimrod in the door...and if they let Bejan in it will be for other reasons.

Then their are Assyrians who work under the "evil" ones who are of a pure heart and do and think the right way, then their our young Assyrians who have the desire of working for their nation with a pure heart and the right way, what i am asking is, what is the right way? what do you suggest for this Assyrian nation?
>I'll listen.....

++++A pure heart will get us guys still think virtue will triumph...that's your dumb ass clergy speaking...telling you not to lolse hope...god really DOES love you and you WILL win in the end..."in the got another little sister?"

+++We make way too much out of how dedicated a person is...without asking if he has any sense or will power or ideas or all we need are good dumb beasts who will march in circles till they drop. Atour Golani, according to his wife and himself...stood before the Ashurbanipal Monument and cried and cried..."like a baby". Big deal...who were his tears for...what good did they do? This is the same crybaby who told me I could not sell any models of the Hammurabi and told me to leave when i wouldn't sign his dumb ass contract. people who are mostly heart and very little head...are dangerous.

++++We are not yet a people who have done our own homework...we are not fit to be unruly mob filled with jealousy and impotent rage. You can't just say..."okay, lead me". You have to be "leadable". As it stands now we only accept incompetant and mediocre leaders whose first qualification HAS to be that they will go easy on us, how would an army do with a general like that? He'd get them all killed. Our leaders have to be careful not to ruffle our feathers, they must remain popular...they can't just come in and say.."what the hell do you think you're doing?" It could be because of our men...they tend to be raised by doting mothers and absent fathers...the mothers have a mini-version of the husband they can't stand...and they spoil the crap out of mamma's little darling...he grows up expecting to be drooled over for every silly little thing he does or says. Our expectations for each other are way too small...too sloppy ...we enshrine mediocrity...long for a quick and easy way to be "Grat".

+++Besides which, we would kill any really good leader because a good one starts, not by blaming Islam and Fate...but by kicking our own assess around the block...and we'd just believe he didn't LOVE us....and was a "traitor" because he wasn't loyal to mama's little brat.

>Another thing, you say how are we as a nation going to get somewhere if we "complain" about the question to you is
>How are you as a indvidual going to get somewhere if you dwell in the past??????????

++++Understanding what happened to you is not dwelling in the is examining it so you don't make the same stupid mistakes over we're all set to do again...I'd say digging up our dead every year and lamenting and re-living the tragedies of the past is "dwelling" in it...dwelling in it without bothering to understand what happened back then.

+++As Santayana said..."those who don't understand their past are doomed to re-live it." He was speaking to us...

-- panch
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