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Posted by panch from ( on Friday, August 30, 2002 at 8:43PM :

I built the first Assyrian public monument in 2500 years...anywhere in the world. I built a second one after 13 years of hard work, only to see it blocked by one of these leaders from hell...two really, Nimrod and Bejan...not just making the thing, but travelling around the country on my own dime to earn the money. I made ten portraits of Assyrian kings...I have two Assyrian sculptures on display at a California University...I almost finished a monument of Hammurabi for Detroit, wasting $90,000 on it... all in all I have made over twenty original bronze scultures all on Assyrian themes...the first time that has been done, and the only person to be doing it in the world...I am now at work on a monument of the Lamasu...this week I go to Tucson where a Jew has invited me to be the only sculptor at his new gallery...all Assyrian pieces...(Bill Gates is building a new mansion around the corner).

All told I have earned close to a half million dollars in sales TO ASSYRIANS! and put that back into making the monuments... And THAT, brother, was the truly monumental thing. Try it some time...try to inspire an Assyrian to part with a thousand dollars...with ten thousand...with a hundred. Believe in yourself enough to re-ignite an Assyrian who has lost all hope that we will ever be anything but clowns. My crime was that I insisted on excellence, that I would not use my personal tragedies, or past losses, or suffering in the Mideast (I lived in Iraq, Iran and Kuwait) as an excuse. I got in to see Assyrians who wouldn't let you in their garage...Assyrians who had just about given up on Narsai David and others.

And I did this all the while I had Assyrians like you carping and biting at my heels and like Jackie Bejan and the Ghassbag, sending e-mails to people filled with lies about me...things I only found out about because the people who received them didn't believe her and shared them with me.

I am also suing the AANF, the AUA, the AAA of San Jose...Atour Golani, Jackie Bejan, Alladin Khamis, Alphonse Odishoo, Lincoln Bejan and Howdy Doody and John court because I want them to repeat under oath the lies and the assinine things they did to cripple me, my career...and most "Assyrian-like" wife and children. The first hearing in Superior Court is on the 3rd of this month.

It isn't much...and I could have done a lot more if Assyrians hadn't also been the ones to block me at every turn...and I will...but out there in the real world...not here. I know when I'm sort of not wanted.

Now you'll say I'm bragging...but it is you guys who brag...brag about how much you've been abused and kicked around...brag about it each time you bring up a dead nun or an arrested Assyrian as if to say..."SEE...that's why I can't do anything, THEY don't let me...don't blame ME"! Why is telling you of what an Assyrian has done in this world "bragging"...and why isn't the recitation of your list of miseries and losses and your demands and declarations NOT bragging? I brag about the good things I guys brag about how weak you are because of all the thing that were done to poor little old you.

-- panch
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