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Posted by panch from ( on Friday, August 30, 2002 at 8:58PM :

Well...they are there now...Jeff, Stella and ten thousand hairy wombats. I can imagine their wide-eyed fascination..."awmigawd...did you see THAT?"

There will be a dance tonight. You'd see more heaving bossoms and twitching butts and hairy chests than at Carnival. The lobby will be filled with people, trawling back and forth pretending they aren't. The coffee shop will be filled to bursting with HeyAtour and YoSargon...and they'll tell the same atrocious jokes and lame come-ons they've been "regaling" the bored staff with for years..."Hey Susie,,,under dees tables I am REALLY big for baybeeee"!

Late at night a fight will break out...Sargon will be caught trying to extricate himself from the folds of Nina's backsides...he'll say he tripped and fell in...HeyAtour will insist he reached in there and got stuck on purpose...then the chairs will fly and the worriors of Assyria will come forth...(Later they'll all swear they came first).

I remember the last convention hero was ranting about how it was a plot...keeping us out of the ballroom as the Fire marshall checked the place out...for the third time because some other hero kept tripping the alarm. He was telling the crowd out in the parking lot that they should march right in there and DANCE, "damn it all to hell.! That no one had the right to interfere with their NATIONAL QUESTIONS!

Later that night I saw the hero, crying in the security office...asking to be let go so he could go home...where he could tell mama all about what a Lion of Assyria he was that night.

This will be their first night...maybe the Ghassbag will be there, in heels and never know.

-- panch
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