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Posted by panch from pool0319.cvx24-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Saturday, August 31, 2002 at 0:16AM :

Jeez...here we go again. Every three Assyrians and a dog want to be THE representatives of this Nayshun. They are so damn flattered to be "noticed" by WHITE PEOPLE! This is how our vanity and empty posturing hurts us every time.

In Response To: convention (Toma)

: Aina reported this week that Yonadam Kanna of ADM, through his fan club in Chicago, asked Congressman Henery Hyde to recommend him for the Bush administration as the "Assyrian representaTive"!Two weeks ago, ex ex ex one term state senator John Nimrod did the same on his own. Both gentelmen took this step without consulting each other or their "small guys" at their paper coalition. The State Department refused both of them because the U.S. officials know very well they don't represent the Assyrian people and Nimrod's alliance has only paper affiliates. By the way, "the Assyrian National Congress" of Georgia has come out denying ever been affiliated with Nimrod and there is no such thing as the "Assyrian Federation of Russia and Tataristan."!!! The other "federations" are self created and consists of of no more than 10 persons each! Sooooooooooooooooooooo what is next for this very very much coalited "Assyrian Coalition"? AINA, please stop bragging about this calition, it is only on paper. You are supposed to be on our side, the Assyrian people side. In the mean time, at this weeks Iraqi "Public Outreach Group" meetings at the U.S. State Department three Assyrians, among 17 Iraqis, were
invited to join in. These three Assyrians were: Fawzi al-Hariri (from KDP), John Kanno (from Bet-Nahrain Democratic Party and the Assyrian National Congress), and Emmanuel Kambar (one of two vice presidents of INC's Central Committee).
I checked and confirmed their names and affiliation with the Press Officer at the State Department. What we need know to salvage the situation is to create a new Assyrian front out of three parties based in Iraq: Bet-Nahrain Democratic Party, Assyrian Patriotic Party and Assyrian Democratic Movement. They will be the legal representatives of the Assyrian Nation in any meeting or conference dealing with Iraq. As for the ex ex ex senator, he can join with Suzy david and his other cronies and form a traveling "Pahloans" (rope dancers).

-- panch
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