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Posted by panch from ( on Saturday, August 31, 2002 at 9:33AM :

This proposed dam that will flood the ruins of the ancient city of Ashur and the "concern" it has sparked among some of our patrots and activists is an interesting window into the place where their souls should be.

In the first place, water is becomming a scrace necessity in that region. The United States made a point of destroying water treatment plants and sewage treatment plants...a fatal combination. It isn't just a lack of medicines and ambulances and clinics and hospitals the people suffer from, especially the most vulnerable...the children. But when there isn't clean water...or any water, disease and filth and stench make all the other problems that much worse.

Turkey has been damming the rivers and diverting water...with the full encouragement of the United States, I am sure.

This same United States has bombed the country, ruined ruins and made new ones...without a sound of protest...just as there is no protest about the sanctity of human life, and human rights, when Christians kill hundreds of thousands of Muslims...but an outcry from us if a single Christian over there gets killed by a Muslim. Wouldn't 600,000 dead children count as a crime against Humanity....YOUNG Humanity?
If Saddam had killed that many children we would have gone apoplectic...but the Christian West does it...and we say nothing...lying to ourselves that no Assyrian children were included in that number...that death and disease skipped over the Assyrians over there.

All of the damage that has been done to Iraq, to Assyrians there, to Assyria itself...has been cheered on by these Christian Assyrians...they love it every time a Muslim over there suffers. They haven't minded at all that the country has been devastated.

But here comes Saddam, building a dam in order to get some water to wash the filth and disease away and to cook food and bathe babies...and these Assrin Patrots liken it to building a swimming if to say, "look at how callous HE is". They insist he has no other motive than to "destroy THEIR Heritage"...that it is the same thing he always does...destroys and renames. Well, why not preserve the city and call it an Arab city...isn't that what he''s accused of doing every time he turns around?

The idea that the only reason for building the dam is to destroy another Assyrian artifact, is ridiculous. That these patrots of ours insist that is his ONLY reason, tells you much more about them than about Saddam. To ignore the real problems in Iraq, problems brought on by the United States...insisting instead that a dam is being built JUST to destroy an ancient city is dumb...good and dumb. Why not just place a hut there and invite the Americans to destroy the place?

The Assrins have shown no interest or concern for Iraq, its antiquities, its people...not even the Assyrians there. Their only motive in "protesting" this dam is to help America show their "loyalty" to Uncle Sam so maybe he will give them something. They had the same hopes for the Queen of England...felt certain sure whe would do SOMETHING for them.

It is because we show ourselves so damn eager to betray our Homeland that we are rightly suspected and disliked back Home...and we're still at it. These people care about as much for the ruins of Ashur as they care for the ruination of Iraq and its people.

Not at all.

-- panch
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