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Posted by panch from ( on Saturday, August 31, 2002 at 10:10PM :

I just got a call from some very happy people at the convention in Detroit. Jeff, Stella, and some others who shall remain nameless. I spoke to Stella for the first time...her voice is as warm as her writing, and she was pleasantly surprised that I didn't sound like an ogre...they were on their way out of the hotel for dinner at a great Chaldean restaurant...yeah yeah I know, CAN'T be a Chaldean restaurant"! Nevertheless...whatever it is, it has great food and lemonade to die for.

Naturally, I wished I was with them. It gave me a taste for what I imagine can happen one day when we find a small number of good people...bright and capable and fun-loving who will be nevertheless dedicated and hard working just because of that...and we'll meet too at set times and laugh and talk and maybe dance, what the hell...but we'll also share what we've "leeders"...just a bunch of Assyrians who FINALLY realized the treasure we hold in our souls. My God...what a , I DON'T mean Christianity either!!!

We haven't an enemy in the world over here...only ourselves. America is a fertile field, waiting for us. I am still stunned that a Jew would contact me and ask ME to place my sculptures in his gallery...would tell me, "No one knows how to sculpt any more".

With the best intentions in the world, a woman at the foundry told me the other I was hanging round the neck of the Lamasu twelve feet above the floor...that if only I would take away the Assyrian helmet, and the beard..."My God...what a magnificent sculpture"!!! She meant that these are not the best of times...said she understood all about my feelings for my Heritage..."but..."

I know what she means...caught between the hysteria in this country, and hysterical would seem I have a death wish of monumental proportions...a need to die broke waste my time and life and energy where these things aren't appreciated. I thanked her for her probably good advice...but there you have it.

I also heard Nimrod made an idiot of himself at a Political Rally. He's been an idiot as far as I'm concerned since I met him...he must have done something REALLY outrageous to make it obvious.

"here comes the smut, Martha!!!"

-- panch
-- signature .

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