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Posted by panch from ( on Saturday, August 31, 2002 at 10:21PM :

Try to imagine the president of any other Federation in any other ethnic community in America who takes it upon himself to have three sculptures by an artist welded together the way he sees fit...even after being told not to. Can you conceive of it...can you imagine it? Would the president of the United Way do such a thing? Would the president of Disneyland do such a thing?

You have to be an ass of such huge proportions...and all of it compressed into that four foot frame. It tells me the man has no self-respect...has no respect for others...doesn't know the Law...and finally...has great contempt for us all and our Heritage.

And now, there he is...the man who would write love letters to Bush and "statements" to "Wurld Leeders"...hiding behind his front door to avoid a summons to come explain himself in court...the man who issued ultimatums at the convention last year.

It goes to their little pointy heads...they actually think the hotel staff REALLY are impressed by us...for the few days we pay their salaries...they play little orders from their suites...discussing HEAVY issues like..."Where do you seat Nimrod"... so he doesn't fall off the dias...maybe onto someone else's lap, to break his fall.

In the coffee shop Assyrian heroes order the staff around like they were their personal servants...and all of it bought and paid for at a DISCOUNT! How many lovers of Assyria would show up if they didn't get a break on their rooms? And people will say I am "attacking" us...just because they don't want it pointed out to them how boorish THEY utterly embarassing to us all.

God...I wish I was there.

-- panch
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