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Posted by panch from ( on Sunday, September 01, 2002 at 9:14PM :

irst of all brother pancho, i do not want you gone, you are Assyrian just as i am,

+++ And First of all, I am not your brother. I don't make friends with people who share the same Zip code...or anything else. I am no kind of an Assyrian..."as YOU are".

and you are a human just as i am, and you have the right to say what you feel, I myself like to say what i believe...

+++Fair enough

I do not come on as different names or try on purpose hide who i am, i could care less.

+++++Just as you could care less that you are Assyrian. There is no good reason to hide your identity...and then tell us all how PROUD you are to be Assyrian. Your true name, not a heroic sounding made up one, is also a part of your identity. Both are made are not an Ankidu, and you are not an Assyrian. Both of those are a lie. You do nothing to deserve to be thought of as an Ankidu, and you've done nothing to make you an Assyrian deny the one even as the other denies you. Actually, you are as anonymouse as a person as you are as an Assyrian. Either make no difference your own choice.

++++You could just as well be Greek or French for all the good you've done them...or us.

I am Assyrian, i believe that Jesus is the son of God and the saviour of those whom believe in him,

+++You can be Christian if you want to be...just as other Assyrians decided to become Muslim...and other Christians decided to be Lutheran, Episcopalian and a host of other "true" religions. Once you turn your back on your own...who cares which way you face, or how many times you spin around.

+++Jesus was a nice Jew. There were no Christians when he lived...just Jews. There were plenty of nice Assyrian carpenters...and many, many wiser and more humane Assyrians...I don't know why you guys picked a Jew as the best example of a human being you could find...and why you want to elevate a Jew carpenter into the son of the Jewish god of the bible, and then pass him off as the ONLY and BEST god of the Assyrians, I can't figure out...unless you are getting paid , for no one could spend this much time on such nonsense on purpose...and on an Assyrian forum no less!!! must be because you loathe the Assyrian soul in you. You know best.

+++No Jew died for me...I would never ask anyone to do that. There is no's just the reward you believe you'll get if you eat enough crap in this life. We don't need any Muslim enemies...what Christianity has done to us is bad enough...we have "survived", as you guys like to claim....just to be chopped up slowly and assimilated and humiliated, and now pay for the destruction of our own Holy Lands...while protecting the land that gave your "TRUE" god...the Jew from Israel to you... and THANK the Jews for it.

Assyrians as a nation have believed in him and followed his footsteps,

+++Assyrians have no nation...they are a tribe of petty, jealous, backstabbing people who believe the only reason they are denied greatness is because of what some Muslims and Turks did to we are the only ones in the WORLD to have ever suffered.

+++You glory in your believe every raped virgin gets you closer to god...and you wouldn't mind it AT ALL if we could get several more of them Muslims of couldn't "profit" from the ones raped and starved and killed by Christians...that's the reason you guys turn a blind eye.

the last footstep we must fulfill is our ressurection which will bring glory unto Jesus name.

+++Up yours! That's JUST what the Jews would have told us. Before you follow in his footsteps up that will have to be humiliated and scourged, and fondled, and maybe raped, and spat upon...and THAT is what you Christians really long follow in those footsteps right up to the end...and to make your idiocy complete, you believe the fairy tale about him coming back to life...some life!!!

+++His "glory" has been our downfall. No wonder you guys reason like madmen and dare not go anywhere out in the world or call attention to know you'd be picked apart and made fools of. That has also been the "gift" of this religion of got us killed, then it made us so damn ashamed we refuse to promote our Heritage, even when there isn't a Muslim to stop us...we are ASHAMED of what we are...not proud. It shows in everything you DON'T do...all the while hoping desperately you'll get rewarded, like a dog, for playing your part here on earth...up "there"

++++Go UP THERE alright aren't doing anyone any good down here...not any Assyrians that is.

I am sorry if any of my prior messages seemed to you that i was attacking,

+++No need to don't think I could be offended by you do you? I am particular that way. You are an offense to yourself and an insult to us. This smarmy "apology" is the other face of your rabid just "use" whichever one you need at the are the lowest of the low...the Born Agains who can't seem to ever get it right .

and for your information my mother is not a bitch, and im sure your mother is a Assyrian queen also, thank you

++++The phrase casts the aspersion on isn't about your real mother. Stop congratulating yourself on your "Christian" forgiveness crap. You don't mean either one...your "attacks" are nothing...your "apologies" mean even less...and you mean least of all.

+++How silly can you get?

-- panch
-- signature .

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