Custer Had It Coming

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Posted by panch from ( on Sunday, September 01, 2002 at 9:33PM :

Imagine the United States being hauled up before an Intergalactic Court... asked to justify its war on Afghanistan....

"well, see we went to their country and bombed them because they came over to OUR country and bombed us". why did they come bomb you?

"Sir...that is irrelevant...and you don't need to know."

This has been our reaction to their concern at how much the United States and Israel have meddled in their countries and given themselves permission to do so. What if the United States wasn't ALLOWED to use the bombings in New York as an excuse...then what would they say? Why it would seem like a Terrorist Attack against an innocent wedding party.

That's exactly the situation we expect the Palestinians and Afghanis and Saudis to settle for...while we can use THEIR attacks against us as a justification to attack THEM...they are not permitted to even suggest that they attackd us because we attacked them first.

America and Israel have been working at getting those people to strike back at them for years now...and when they wouldn't do it fast enough, they provoked them some more.

As the Native American boy told his shocked history teacher..."Custer had it coming".

-- panch
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