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Posted by panch from ( on Monday, September 02, 2002 at 8:57AM :

>By the same token, regarding Muslim people, there are plenty more were THEY came from. Don't even get me started about Muslims and THEIR breeding habits.

+++++Which Muslims? There are low life Christians as well as Muslims as well as Jews. If we would focus more on good people instead of caring what club they come from we'd get a lot farther.

>Not that I believe what I wrote above, and by the way I am an Assyrian who is strongly against the sanctions in Iraq, as much as I am against the killing of this nun (which is a hateful crime whether either us like to believe it or not),

+++Of course you'd have to have hate in your heart to do such a thing. But I'm tired of Americans posing as a people of "love" when they Sanction an entire people to further their's a Hate crime of major proportions to declare that dead children are an acceptable policy objective, or sideshow. I just don't trust people who keep silent over some kinds of hate, but wax eloquent over another kind. If you are condemn all of it, not just some. What unnerves people is that I dare speak out on behalf of matter what it says on their jerseys. You guys are already defending Christian Assyrians...that leaves out a whole lot of other human beings who are left to the tender mercies of these cannibals...I want ALL people to get the care and concern and compassion they deserve. If you make it a harsh and coarse world, it will be the place your tender darlings have to live in too. This is what America is suffering from...the violence it has spread throughout the world is coming back to its shores so that their children aren't safe sleeping in their own rooms. In Iraq they have to worry about bombs from the air and missles and American made poison America they are afraid to go to bed in their own fancy homes..."safe" and "free" and all of that.

+++You can't go half way around the world and kill innocent children then expect to go home and be a "loving father"...doesn't work that way.

but in trying hard to state your opinion, you are putting your foot in your mouth instead of arousing any sympathy from people.

+++I am not interested in arousing their sympathy...I'm not interested in anything from them...some people read, and some think...that vast majoriy are set in cement and nothing will move them and what would anyone want from them anyway?

>And also, whether either of us likes it or not, it is more likely that the nun and the other Christians back in Iraq are the ones calling themselves 'Assyrians'. I think this answers your question about 'where we can get more Assyrians from'.

+++I'm also not interested in what people "call" themselves. There are people in insane asylums calling themselves Napoleon and there are people here calling themselves Ankidu and Historians and patriots. I'm not interested in what NAME people go by, whether they are Chaldean or Assyrian or Suryoyo or Turyoyo or Melamines and Jacobites. I am interested in what people DO.

Whether either of us likes it or not, we get more Assyrians from the likes of this murdered nun and not from the likes of Muslims in Iraq like the killer of this nun (ask the murderer about whether he considers himself an Assyrian).

+++I don't know how you get children of any kind from a nun...maybe you know things I don't. Nuns and priests are Christians first...they work for Christ...they marry Christ, they live for Christ...and Christ was not an Assyrian...he was a Jew. Nuns make Christian children...there are ten gazillion Christians out there, of every shade and flavor...who needs MORE?

>And I agree with you about the mistaken notion among some Assyrians (ok, many Assyrians) that if we keep quiet and kiss US behinds they will eventually give us something.

+++You can thank the nuns and priests for that. Our peculiar brand of Christianity teaches us to go down on our knees, place our hands together and...BEG!

I didn't used to believe it, but I have been unfortunate enough to experience Assyrian after Assyrian actually supporting bombing/sanctions on Iraq, hoping for a future free Assyria in the no-fly zone, hoping for future riches, and so on (the rest of the hopes only get wilder). The Kurds got screwed over by the West in only this decade, and they already learnt their lesson, yet we were screwed over a century ago, and our false hope in the West still abounds.
>Sometimes, though, Parhad, you seem to harbor some hate towards only Assyrian Christians but not Iraqi Muslims.

+++I don't like sanctimonious fools who believe they are lost lambs who have done nothing to deserve what has befallen them...that they are surrounded by "pure evil" and also that there isn't anything they can do about it...or anything else pertaining to their destiny. I don't hate anyone, not Muslim not Christian. I don't much care for hypocrites and fools...and they are to be found on all sides. I just try to provide some balance on the other side...where the people on these thingies hate ONLY Muslims...I come across as hating ALL Christians. If they are just kidding, then so am I. If they actually think they have grounds for such a stance...then brother, so have I.

++++This hatred will not stop until both sides drop it. As soon as you even begin to think..."yes but we really ARE the better ones"'ve doomed us all to another round...and I contend that these Christians WANT us to go round and round because they've found someone who will kill Muslims for them, and they are beside themselves with having a big bully come and avenge you. In fact they are so thrilled and eager they don't see that was exactly what got us kicked around the last ten times...and they are busily setting up the same conditions again...and they'll come crying some more later.

+++If you want it to stop, it has to just STOP.

THere are many Iraqi Muslims who do nothing to topple the sanctions, as there are many Assyrian Christians who know how to separate their hate of Saddam from their love of their nation and its people.

++++Saddam is an equal opportunity hater...he will strike out at anyone he feels threatens him, or the United States. But then it's his country. We are a decided minority, and we have this religious problem. For us to come over here and side with the Christians, yet suicidal, And that's the best way to describe what Christianity has done for us. If we were in heaven already, it wouldn't matter...but being here on earth...given the way things are...our new found religion is guaranteed to "martyr" us all...and isn't that just fine by Christians?

++++Thank you...that was refreshing for a change.

-- panch
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