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Posted by panch from ? ( on Monday, September 02, 2002 at 11:32AM :

...there isn't much these guys have to say...I mean that is to the point. The idea that we are angry that Saddam would kill 5000 Kurds, when we secretly wish he'd killed more...and then use this as justification to go kill 600,000 Iraqi children...all the while condemning Iraqi "aggression" and touting our own love of "democracy"...and extolling our better religion, is ludicrous.

And they say I blame Assyrians for being innocent victims instead of the Msulims who targeted them...then turn right around and say the two year old Iraqi child, born into a living hell...must topple Saddam or be held liable for all she suffers...or that her parents, both of whom were children themselves when this war started 14 years ago...after living under the most abject conditions imaginable...must also rise up and topple a dictator we have likened to a Hitler...and if not then they also are responsible for all their too stupid to bear quietly.

Don't you all blame the people of Iraq for their own misery? And you dare take exception because I say we had a hand in our own? As you can see us now desperately "winning points" with the very people bombing and making war on Iraq?

But I see your predicament. Here you are, with nothing to show for all this "love" you bear Assyria...except words and even those come to us anonymously, so "brave" are you...and you can't think of a thing to say to seriously challenge my arguement...and yet you know people from around the world are reading...and you know they see you have nothing to every once in a while you trot out a "champion" and he gives it a shot, trips all over himself and retires...and you hunt up another hero and send him out...and he goes running back. All you are left with is name calling. I am a Muslim, one who hates Assyrians and "everything"... you make attacks on my family, my work...claiming I want your friggin money...that I am bitter, an agent...and the rest of the usual stuff you do when everything else has failed you...and still people are watching and reading...and the wiser ones among them understand what is going on...and you know it.

If you go to my gallery, as thousands have see Assyrian sculpture after see a Monument, and the ruins of two see photos of yet a fourth monument that I am now at work see debates and writings and words by the thousands...and people have to reconcile this somehow with your claim that I am no Assyrian.

Well if this is what someone does who is NOT Assyrian...who hates Assyrians, who is a paid agent of Saddam...who only wants to attack and criticize and put down Assyrians and EVERYTHING ELSE...if that is really true...then show us what people such as yourselves do...people who LOVE Assyrians and don't criticize Assyrians...who love Assyrians SO MUCH they weep for them and moan for them and cry for them and issue declarations for them and TALK about them and SAY how much they love them...go on, show us what you do for all this love you supposedly bear.

Like four half-wits in a State mental Hospital, "Sargon The Great" sits down to chat with an "Assyrian Volcano"...who just came down the hall with "Great Assyrian King"...and the two of them were talking about "Assyrian Hero", who now joins them for a discussion about the "Great National Question"...and every one of them is certifiably insane BUT has "love" in his heart. And the wardens and guards and kitchen staff take care of these four nuts and bolts so they can plan "Declarations" and issue "Statements" while their butts are wiped for them and someone else provides the food and shelter.

And the sign above the ward says ..."ASSRIA"

-- panch
-- signature .

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