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Posted by panch from pool0051.cvx20-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Monday, September 02, 2002 at 12:23PM :

Tomorrow is the first hearing on Jackie's suit against Jeff and I. Jeff wants me to not have him removed on procedural grounds. He's researched enough and spoken to several lawyers and groups that he wants to have a go at them. Being more level headed, I'll try to save him from himself and get him removed...he can still come testify...but his Irish is up.

I've pressed my pants and will polish my boots tonight...no need to get antsy. It's just a hearing to see if we've decided to settle out of court. I have nothing to settle with...it's their move.

The hearing officer, or whatever he or she is called, will review both sides and give an opinion as to whether or not the suit has any chance of succeeding if it goes forward.

I almost think I could sleep through the trial, when it comes, and the court itself would take care of Shawn. They aren't about to add to their headaches by setting an awful precedent. The idea that I can NEVER mention Jackie or Shawn on the internet is ludicrous. That kind of ruling would get tossed out on its own, if it ever got made.

I can't see any court wanting to sit there and listen while I "prove" that I wasn't slandering her when I called Jackie a bitch. It may not be nice to call someone a liar...but if you can prove the person lied, then shame on her, not you for telling the truth.

If they give me the chance (please???) I can prove what I said was true...or at the least it becomes a "he said she said" kind of thing...in which case they still have to hear about it. I can "prove" Jackie behaved the better part of a bitch...easily.

A lawyer not so desperate for an easy fee would have advised Jackie not to go down that road...she loses no matter what. His "strategy" was to sue us for a
"lot of money", like two million, and to ensnare Jeff in it, hoping we'd do anything they asked. On her part she is the one who probably got Rabi Whacki to call Detroit and "suggest" to Jeff that he get me to apologise to Jackie and they would "take care of it". Now if that isn't the STUPIDEST thing to do, in America...at THIS time of all times...and all because I believed Jackie had far too suddenly converted to a lover of Iraq...on meeting the Whacki Rabi...when she had been slamming any work in Iraq...saying her heart and funds belonged to Georgia and Father Benny.

I imagine the hearing officer will suggest to Shawn that his chances of winning anything by going to trial are nil...and the cost and time will prove very wasteful. They might expect some sort of concession on my part...such as I will slit my own throat at remorse for ever having offended that half-breed.

What concessions can I make? I'm already broke thanks to her and Atour and Nimrod. Am I supposed to again sign away my First Amendment rights...like they tried to have me do on that silly ass contract?

I'm ready to go to court...in fact I am eager to explain my side to some adults...for a change. And have them explain themselves to same. I just don't think it's going to happen. I imagine there will be some face-saving device Shawn has in mind. With those two faces...it better be good.

-- panch
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