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Posted by panch from pool0051.cvx20-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Monday, September 02, 2002 at 12:39PM :

I don't think he has any problems with what I write. That doesn't mean he agrees...doesn't have to. It's called "freedom". His problem at aina is that people call him up and piss and moan..."how can we write when you let him write"? You know...like Assyrians can only exist in hothouses or if you remove every disagreeable thing from the earth so they can be "proud" and shtrong....easily.

He doesn't want to risk his "readership"...even though they are no more likely to do a thing for us than the lillies in the field. He's catering to the wrong "Assyrians"...the usual suspects...the ones who talk and talk and talk...and then take a break for a week because they're exhausted with all that "work on behalf of Assyria"...then come and start all over again with their complaints against the world and each other.

These guys are dinosaurs...their days are over, they just don't yet realize it because they can't tell the difference between being ineffectual and being non-existant. Their children will drift away and run away like mad to join American Pop culture, which wont bother them because they "chose freely"...they will rightly determine that all this "patriotism" nonsense is just a lot of personal frustration and pique at being ignored and stepped over.

The ones who might well make a difference for us and this Heritage will be the ones who can kick ass in America...but who also can't abide this dismal excuse for being Assyrian that is being enshrined, even as it disintegrates before our eyes...here in America where there are no "enemies"..and where everything is equally at our disposal as it is at hand for any of the other ethnic groups who know how to work the system and not kiss its arse.

This new readership isn't interested in an aina either. When things change, and they will...aina will come running along after. Even "Ross" will see the handwriting on the wall by then...and providing an old fart's home for "patriots" who never lifted a finger wont seem such an achievement.

It is rare indeed to find any Assyrians in the lead anywhere...especially if they are willing to be Assyrian up front. They usually run out screaming in the night and go elsewhere to work. Assyrians tend to follow...they buy stocks just when they're sure to go down...they are too timid and afraid and unsure to lead the way anywhere...except to the rear.

Change will come...it will. And "Ross" will follow behind.

-- panch
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