They Called Hanna...again

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Posted by panch from ( on Monday, September 02, 2002 at 5:29PM :

As you have noticed, I support Free Speech, and that is why I haven't been deleting any of your posts.

However FREE SPEECH is that each one presents HIS point of view as an individual, and not speaks on behalf of others unless he is a chosen representative or a spokesman of a certain group.

+++You mean if I form a group, made of three people and a dog, as most of these groups...I can then use "we"? What are you talking about? Who on your forum DOESN'T pretend to speak for everyone else? I am hardly long as there are two Assyrians who agree with me enough...I represent a plurality and can use the "we". This is silly of US.

I noticed that whenever you speak you always use the term ”WE” when you talk about Assyrians.

++++That's not true...but truth isn't what you are interested's just that you guys can't stick to the point so now you are "worried" that people will think I speak for ALL Assyrians...come on!!!

With all due respect, this approach is wrong especially when you are presenting controversial issues and/or issues that not all Assyrians agree upon. Because then you would be putting words in the mouth of ALL Assyrians even those who don't share your views.

+++Come on Hanna...every time you almost get there, you shift into reverse and roar to the rear. What difference does it actually think other people reading your forum think I speak for all Assyrians? You mean I'm the only one who assumes to speak for more than just himself? Can you people NEVER make sense?

Giving the reader a false impression that this is the view of ALL Assyrians.

+++It would be good if you delete half the half wits here so people don't think half of US escaped from a looney bin.

I would appreciate that you use the term "I" instead of "WE" and talk about YOURSELF and YOUR point of view, and not the others. You are neither a representative of the Assyrians nor their lawyer to use the term WE Assyrians.

I don't speak for anyone else...but so long as one other person agrees with me...I am a "we".

This website does not allow misrepresentation,

++++Oh come ON!!! You've got people pretending to be volcanos and great kings and every one of them pretends to speak for three other Assyrians.

so please stop misusing and abusing the "WE", and putting words in the mouth of Assyrians.

+++I didn't put any words in their mouths...there isn't room...their feet are in there. I am ABUSING the "we"???

I already deleted the latest "WE" post of yours. I am not banning you, you are most welcome to rewrite it using the term "I" instead of "WE" and repost it. I don't believe that when you used the WE you are representing me as an Assyrian, and I believe that many Assyrians feel the same too.

++++This is such weak tea...oh nation of hair splitters!

Finally if you also GENERALIZE and say that Assyrians are this or that, or Assyrians hate or love so and so, I will be forced to delete that too, because not all Assyrians are the same, and you would be falsification the facts. I recommend that you use the term "SOME" Assyrians

+++"Some" is more than one...more than one is WE. What the hell are WE talking about??? ...

-- panch
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