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Posted by panch from pool0643.cvx24-bradley.dialup.earthlink.net ( on Monday, September 02, 2002 at 8:42PM :

>I very well understand what is satire, however what you are presenting is not always satire, because you get carried away and drift away and all of a sudden you start mixing your personal anger at certain Assyrian individuals who blocked the purchase of your statues,

+++That's funny. You guys all rant and rave over what was done to our dead Assyrians years and centuries ago...yet no one lifted a finger to help inspire those two Assyrian girls in Chicago who all but wept when they saw the Shumirum. While you mention and repeat every injury you have ever suffered...you act as if I am going on and on when I talk about the need to do something for this Heritage NOW! You don't want to hear it...it is boring...sooo repititous...haven't you anything new to say...like what, don't forget Simele? What are you guys gonna do about Simele...it was over years ago. But what will you do for our young people and this Heritage now! Why should that monument sit for seven years in a warehouse? I told you...it was paid for long ago...I didn't want MORE MONEY!

to generalize your attack on all Assyrians because they are not siding with you against those whom you consider as bad Assyrians, and pretty soon every Assyrians becomes a bad Assyrians to you where you label them as the cause of the misery of the Iraqi people, as if it were the Assyrians who invaded Kuwait or the Assyrians were the ones who put the coalition together during desert storm.

++++There are people who do bad things...I don't believe in bad people. It seems half the people who write here believe in the pure evil of ALL Muslims and Turks, and no one stops them. There are Assyrians who pose as leaders and experts and they do us real harm...as for instance blocking the installation of a monument...that is an ongoing thing...it isn't over yet. It is current news while what you mostly bother with is ancient hysteria.

+++No one here talks about doing something here and now...your eyes are on the past, or what damage is being done, by Muslims, to the lands you left and will likely never go back to. It is here in this country that we can impact our lives back there...just as the poison gas and the bombs come from here...not those "21" Arab countries.

++++I am going out of here to galleries elsewhere....but which of you will do anything for the children here?

>You know very well that the whole Arab population with the backing of 21 Arab states whose population exceeds 200 million are not able to do anything, yet you blame everything on Assyrians who have no state of their own and are about 2 million only!

++++Hold on there bub...what do you mean the Arabs can do nothing? About what? It is America that is bombing Iraq, not the 21 countries. Why would I condemn them? I can understand Americans not caring about innocent lives lost there...but what about us...what do you and the rest of you with all this knowledge and "love" for your heritage? Why do we keep silent when strangers are protesting for us?

>You claim that your support to Iraq and Iraqis stems from the fact that it covers the heartland of Assyria and the Iraqis are the custodians of Assyrian antiquity, yet you don't mind if the Iraqis flood and destroy Assyrian antiquity by building a dam that will cover 100 Assyrian ancient sites.

+++There you go AGAIN. I told you...I care for ruins, who else do we have that has studied and made so many reproductions of them??? That's why I mind SO MUCH that America is ruining the entire country...including the RUINS! Why do you guys only care when a Muslim hurts something...why do you neglect to mention the dams upstream in Turkey that are starving Iraq of water and then food? Why are YOU selective in the "facts" you present? You really think Saddam's only desire is to destroy some old bricks...and not to get water...when everyone admits there isn't enough water there? Why not save it and call it an "Arab" city...which is the other silly thing you accuse him of?

My question to you is, what will your position be after the dam is built and Assyrian antiquities are destroyed in Iraq forever?

++++I'll be happy to answer that...and then ask you what your position has been while Iraqis have gone without water, clean or dirty...while the US has bombed water treatment plants and sewage plants deliberately without a peep out of you...are you trying to tell me that old stones are worth more than human life?

+++If that dam is built...I will be sorry for the loss of some artifacts. What more could I be? Will it cheer me to know that thousands of families have clean water...hell yes! Will I blame the USA and Turkey...of course. Without them Saddam would have "changed" the ruins to Arab ones...and if you all got together we could give the lie to that all over the world. Saddam too lives in a hothouse...he can claim what he likes...we all know better. Now answer my question.

+++Let me ask you another one, since we're being all friendly and everything...a classic one...if you were caught in a burning building and there was a kitten and a painting by Rembrandt caught with you...and you could only save one of them...which would it be?

Wouldn’t Iraqi real estate be just like any other real estate anywhere else in the world where none will have Assyrian antiquity, in fact western museums will have the only remnants of Assyrian art and culture, so would you start defending the western world because by then they will be the sole custodians of those museums?

++++Of course not...just as I don't condone the fact that they are the ones responsible for the ruin of the entire country...and then buy up the arftifacts stolen from the country. The United States has shown no interest in Iraqi antiquities to safeguard them, and neither have any of you...except when you can make Saddam look bad. Before the war, Iraq was taking excellent good care of their antiquities and working with other scholars from around the world to discover and preserve more. This war has destroyed far more than ruins...besides, Saddam isn't bombing the ruins...he finds he must build a dam there...you can drop bombs anywhere...dams have to be built in certain places...you are trying much too hard.

>Anyhow let’s get back to the WE issue, and thanks for your clarification when you said:
>+++I just checked with my mother and she agrees with everything on this post...therefore when I say "we" in it, I mean my mother and I.
>Now that you have said that, it is clear to us that when you say "WE", you mean yourself plus your mother. However, just to make sure that we understand each other, let me reiterate when you said later in the same post:
>>The idea that we are angry that Saddam would kill 5000 Kurds, when we secretly wish he'd killed more...
>Therefore we can easily conclude from your above two statements that you and your mother are angry at Saddam because he killed 5000 Kurds, but secretly you and your mother wish he had killed more.

+++You have allowed several posts that have wished death to all Kurds etc. It is obvious that many of your readers wish Turks and Muslims and Kurds would be wiped out so you could get the land back. If 5000 dead Kurds get such big play here...but 600,000 dead Iraqi children, many of them Assyrian, get no mention at all...I would conclude that you at least recognize the one...but not the other. I don't want him to kill anyone...anyone.

+++You misunderstood my mother and me.

>It is none of my business if you and your mother are so prejudice against a certain group of people, however this website is not a place to vent your hate against any ethnic or religious group.

+++Then apply that same rule to the Muslim and Turk bashing that goes on here, in the name of history.

>I would appreciate it if you and your mother would cool down, and refrain from making negative racist remarks.
>Hanna Hajjar

+++I said...I don't wish anyone killed...I see no difference between a Christian and a Moslem and a Turk or a Kurd...all have good and bad people among them. Any child is as precious as an Assyrian child or a Chinese one...and not until their rights are respected will ours be protected.

+++I have never heard anyone here make any statement even close to that. You get the rest of them to comply, and you wont have any argument from me...about that.

+++My mother says to say hello.

-- panch
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