Jeff!!! wake UP!!!

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Posted by panch from ( on Tuesday, September 03, 2002 at 11:45AM :

The convention is over...the people have gone home a little sore from jiggling and eating...blood shot from sitting up all night and talking...decidedly the best part.

Stella has flown back to Chicago, Nimrod is gone to Geneva to demand something or other...Atour is back on growth hormone, coming down from the "high". I know they did a good job...if our Heritage can be saved by hotel conventions, we have nothing to worry about.

That leaves Jeff...trying to get the sandpaper out of his eyelids. Conventions are surreal enough, but by the third night of no sleep...bad coffee and crowding, you feel you're in a Fellini movie and not a good one either.

We are expecting a full report...the smut...who hit who...who fought over what Queen Mary of a "beauty"...what the latest manifesto and declaration to Wurled Leeders was...also a list of names of all the big shots who sent letters of apology that they couldn't make it due to a "previous engagement" a golf game...and so forth. Oh...and we want pictures too...lots of 'em and purty ones too. What was Stella wearing and when did she where it...also, when did she STOP wearing it!

And where the hell is my T shirt!!!

-- panch
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