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Posted by panch from ( on Wednesday, September 04, 2002 at 9:21AM :

Written by Let us pass on over to the other side on 03 Sep 2002 21:17:34:

So we have suffered, we have gone from glory to misery to shame.
what did we get out of this? we got to know our souls, we got to know that the Lord chasteneth those whome he loves,

+++Oh give us a break. That is the lamest excuse for the misery and cruelty that humans do to each other. I could be a much better Lord than the one you have...I wouldn't send cancer to young children to "test" their prove I cared for people by destroying their lives and joy. I wouldn't send drought and starvation and earthquakes and typhoons...we flunked his tests OKAY? Now leave us alone. You are a sick puppy.

++++The Lord sure as hell passed you over when he was handing out his gifts.

and that we are still on this earth after 2600 years of suffering for one reason and one reason only , to bring glory unto that Lord who created us,

+++Here's hoping you get gang raped by ten truck drivers, each of them bringing the Lord's glory "unto your arse".

the work of his hands.
We cannot afford not to have hope, hope is us

+++++Toys Are U

, and we are hope
Assyria shall rise

+++At the rate we're going we will not have another National Question Errection...EVER!

+++But seriously...about this "we are the work of his hands" business...I get that a lot from Christians trying to prove Yahweh really loved us cause he used US to chastise his Jew darlings.

+++Before wading into this muck let me just say I have no hatred for Judaism or Christianity...I just think they're funny is all. I've been told that the god of the New Testament is a god of "Love". Okay...that's better than the hateful madman who went around killing anyone he could lay his hands on, in the Old Testament...though when this "change" came over him and how, or why, isn't quite clear. When I point out that Ashur never comanded his people to kill even those "that pisseth against a wall" guys say that was the Old was in the new one that we were to find your new and improved lord.

As a sidebar I'd like to point out again that in the Old Testament Issac was was just another one those "tests' that holy Sadist likes to ruin a man's Sunday with. Even in Islam, which also grew out of Judaism...Ishmael is likewise spared by the last minute. What I can't figure it is how it was a god of "Love" who insisted that Jesus HAD to be murdered...and in such a gross and cruel way. Hell of a way to show your love for a darling and blameless son. I don't know of a sane man who would do such a thing...and if your point is that the Jewish god of their Testaments is insane...I wont argue.

Back to the is claimed that Christian Assyrians derive all their gooeyness from the New Testament...that this version of Yahweh is "our" lord. As far as I know though...there are no references to Assyrians in the New Testament, and this line about us being the work of his hands, is in the Old Testament...which is known as the Torah by the people who invented it...them Jews.

So...why would "Assyrians" be so thrilled to get a few lines in what is obviously a Jewish history book? Lot's of things can be the "work" of someone's hands. The same hands that play a violin, also wipe an arse. The Jews get top billing and we are supposed to be pleased to be called in as enforcers, hoodlums, school yard be "used" as if we had nothing better to do than to do the bidding of Yahweh, when Ashur was our god Would the Jews brag about doing what Ashur asked of them?...and he WAS Yahweh back when he gave us the contract on them Jews who'd strayed.

This is supposed to make us glad? For this we should rejoice? Does this one line make up for the other sentiments expressed in that Jewish book? How come you guys don't mention what else he said...that "Nineveh is laid watse, who shall mourn her"? Don't you guys mourn her...or is it only Jerusalem that gets your tear ducts working?

What about all the other lines written about Assyrians, BY Assyrians? What about all the tablets still lying around in vaults? Does the praise of Ashur for his own people count for nothing...nothing when compared to a contract Yahweh put out on his Jews and used us to do the dirty work...and then rewarded us for it by laying us waste...comfortable and secure in the knowledge that the descendants of those he laid waste would one day THANK him for finding SOME use in them, towards the education of his darlings...who stole their stroies and legends from us, then sold them back, with themselves in all the lead roles...and we the servants of THEIR lord?

The reason I ask this is because I am puzzled to see how we will ever come together in any way to make a positive impact on our Assyrian heritage, not our Christian one...if we go on believing this kind of stuff and arguing about it.

Leave Christianity is doing just fine, especially when compared to the ground we are losing daily. Assyria anyone???

-- panch
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